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Can I get Guarantee of cure of my disease by Your Online Naturopathy Personal Treatment

Question asked by Patient

Can I get Guarantee of cure of my disease by Your Online Naturopathy Personal Treatment

Answer by me

This question comes in the mind of patient who did not conceive and believe in naturopathy.

Can patient demand  same guarantee from allopathic doctor.

Give me guarantee, then, I will eat medicine.

Give me guarantee, then, I will do surgery.

If patient will show such distrust in any doctor of the world, no doctor will take his case. Because, all doctor knows that human machine is so complex in the world and it can not compare with dead machine. Soul, mind, brain and live human organ have big relation. As allopathy doctor who researched on dead bodies not on live body in experiments in lab. So, to give the guarantee to a live person is just like  hanging to them till death crime. No doctor can give guarantee of cure.

No doctor will write the guarantee on blank paper.

We see opposite direction in surgery case.

Surgeon gets guarantee on blank paper from blood relative  that if patient will die during surgery, you will not do claim on me by blame the negligence. It is great safety of surgeon from legal point of view. That is very very less cases in court of surgeons because patients blood relatives gives guarantee to surgeon. We trust on you. During the operation, if our person will die, you will say just us sorry and we accept the order of God and go to home. 

In naturopathy, when, I takes the case to treat the patient which have the same case to treat same disease without surgery, I do not take such guarantee from patient's relative for any mis-happening  or mistake from my side. But still, I am failure to conceive and get trust of all patients. Why.
Because, patient has addicted to allopathic doctor. He or she is blind faith on allopathic doctor. If same trust on any naturopathy or ayrvedic doctor of the world, we can save millions of deaths due to negligence of allopathic doctors and side effects of allopathic medicines.

Again, personally, I am not against any doctor or surgeon. I am just against negligence of without careful surgeons and allopathic medicines.


If patient is not ready to treat his disease without getting guarantee  from any doctor of the world, it means, he is just ready to sucide due to distrust and fear of mind on naturopathy treatment or surgery by surgeon.

At this time, your positive mental attitude will work

1.  Doctor is never an enemy of patient.

My personal truthful story

Before coming and becoming of naturopathy doctor, I personally was done successful surgery of my chronic tonsillitis in my mouth at age of 16 years. Today my age is 38 years. 22 years ago same happened in my life


A) My mother gave guarantee that if my kid dies no problem, I want to see only healthy kid or die.

B) At that time my personal life style was so bad, I ate only outside feed, junk food and unhealthy food, not doing exercise, not controlling my negative emotions like anger, hate, jealousy and greed and not overcome my own bad addictions  because, I was last and fourth kid of my parent. So, more love to me gave help me to demand more pocket money from eating  outside junk food because my small thinking of getting temporary taste without thinking future side effect on my health. My height was very low about 4 feet at that age and weight is about 30 kgs at age of 16 years. After surgery and killing of my chronic disease. Same I do I through my naturopathy surgery by life style improvement.  After surgery,  I focused  to change my bad life style and focus on increasing my weight and height. I focused to convert my negative emotions into positive emotions. I focused to overcome all my bad addictions relating to food and my behavior. 

Today, I am 5 feet and 8 inch from 4 feet and weight about 65 kgs a younger  guy than my age all friends. They asked my secret of Health. I say only Brahmcharya and focus on my goal. 

for this, I am thankful to god, my parents, my surgeon.

2. When, doctor told me it need surgery to cut damaged 2 gland in mouth with anesthesia to your mouth part only and you see everything.

Doctor did not give guarantee to me on blank paper but take guarantee from my mother if kid dies, he will not responsible.

At that time, when, I didn't know naturopathy, I can give up by fear.

But no dear, I don't want to live in this world Like a fearful person.

Doctor only told me, please trust me, I want to save your life.

Like today, I say, I want to save your life with my past 15 years knowledge,  skills and experience in naturopathy, psychology, addiction recovery and thoughts leadership.

Ok, I brought brave thoughts in my mind. I ready to operate. I saw everything. My surgeon, opened my mouth. Take a cutter and started to cut damaged gland inside of my mouth through his hand in my mouth. I think, it takes. One hr. It was the test of me and surgeon. Both didn't give up. Both succeeded. Because we were the part of team. Trust on each other. Love each other. Sacrificed our time, energy and money for other. No selfish motive behind this. 

I focused only what my surgeon directed me by 100 % blind surrender to him. I remembered, he told me. During one hr operation theater, I must become calm. No bring any movement in the area of mouth and neck. No feel anxiety. No feel any emotional pain. No feel any physical pain any part of your body.  22 years ago, surgery was not so advance, as today. All surgery equipment was manual. I saw cutter was like today iron rode cutter but it was light and flexible. Easily went in my mouth and surgeon manually cut like cutting of branch of plant. At that time, I only focused what my surgeon told me. Never cry and never disturbed to surgeon in his function. Focus is big power. Because relationship between any doctor ( even me ) and patient is the game of do or die. 

That is reason. I am here to talk.

3. From my personal  story, please get lessons.

A) Never give up in life.

B ) When go to any doctor or surgeon, blind trust on them. Never break the heart of Doctor by demanding guarantee. It will disturb his focus to think about your treatment better. 

C) Remember, Doctor is god in this earth.

D) Think only positive when meet any doctor. Never think about negative side or never think fear of failure in future life.

E ) Focus, only my treatment if you are doing treatment.

F) your 100% surrender in the hand of doctor is must.

G ) Think only brave thoughts.

H ) Love with doctor. NEVER complain any doctor when you will come to me on my WhatsApp for my personal treatment. I am already indebted to my Surgeon who helped me for my life saving. 

I) Set the Goal. You will get success by making the team member to your doctor. Set the Goal, I and my Doctor are only two team members. Our both goal is one to fight with disease and getting win. For this, I will remember my responsibility and accountability to respect the Doctor. 

J ) Start saving of money. It will help you to pay the fees because doctor is one and patients  are unlimited. So, time of doctor is very very very  important. Every day, in my WhatsApp, come large no. of patients which are out of my capacity  to manage. By demanding fees, help me to short listed. 

It does not mean doctor is greedy. It is just, doctor doesn't want to make the patient beggar. He sees the patient like the king of the world. Doctor uses his knowledge, skills and experience to save the life of king of the world. He took the deal. Doctor needs money and patient needs  health. Patient should happy because health is real wealth. If he will live, he will earn again 1 Lakh times more than the small fees of Doctor. If patient is honest, he does saving of money. For example, if today, I will be road accident. I have enough savings to pay my costly surgery fees to my surgeon. Because I have good habit of saving money every month. I keeps my all expenses less than my profession earning. My mother saved Rs. 3000 for paying the fees to surgeon 22 years ago with happiness  and my mother has given me same good habit. So, I recommend same for you. 

K ) Be the leader of your brave thoughts. No need the prime minister of world. For success any area, you only need to learn skills and will to be leader of your brave thoughts.

L ) Help to needy is must. My all 200 health and health motivation videos are free because I work on this thought. I have extra. God has saved my life and give me extra breathing to serve humanity by making new videos and solved the problems of patients of the world.

M ) Learn from failure. At the age of 16, I was failure in making my healthy life style. So, I faced surgery and then learned big lessons from my failure and in 22 years, I have improved my healthy life style 1000 times more and now, I am international naturopathy consultant, fitness trainer, psychologist, all  addictions  recovery coach and thoughts leadership guru  and highest fees in industry and successful treat patients without surgery and without any allopathic medicines  in about all country. From USA to Germany. From Singapore to japan from Australia to United kingdom, I have successful and fully cured patients. If I can lesson from my failure and got success, you can also get lesson from your  failure and success.

N ) Do serve all time after one time service fees. I have taken only one time fees and do service all time in the whole life. Like we just add the plant and plant gives unlimited fruits. Never demand regular fees from your client by becoming greedy.

O) Control Your Emotions. Negative flow of emotions is very bad. It is big barrier of your success. Stop it with positive emotions like trust, love, hope, smile, laugh, dedication, humbleness and happiness.  

Thanks and Love Dr. Vinod Kumar

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Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital: Can I get Guarantee of cure of my disease by Your Online Naturopathy Personal Treatment
Can I get Guarantee of cure of my disease by Your Online Naturopathy Personal Treatment
Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital
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