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How to Mud Bath ( Mud Therapy )

Mud bath therapy is a naturopathy technique to detoxify full body. It is also helpful to relief all type pains and relax body muscles and cure skin diseases. If you want mud bath, you need to follow following steps

 1st Step. 

Fully wet soil for 2 to 4 days.

2nd Step.

 Soil should be like water form for better mud bath results.

3rd Step.

 Go into mud water.

4th Step.

 Cover your whole body.

5th Step. 

Keep it for half hour to 1 hr for better results.

6th Step. 

clean mud by clean water bathing in end.

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How to Get Prepared for Early Morning Exercise

Today we will tell you how to prepare for morning exercise. As soon as morning will come, you will start to give excuse not to go to exercise. It is 3 o'clock in the morning. You fall asleep again. You do not go to exercise. Now this time, I will teach you about how to get prepare for early morning exercise with a smart way. Like I would say that there is a child, he comes to school everyday late. So what will I explain to him. I will teach to get prepared for coming school on time. He will learn and will come on the time. There is another such child. He does not always remember my school work. I will teach to get prepared for remembering any concept. He will learn and he will get success to remember anything. You  are a 5 or 10 year old child. Imagine You are a child at this time. Your age is sixty years or seventy years. Or any but you are a child at this time. Because the focus of the fit is your desire. If you have to pay attention to your fit, then you have to do exercise.


Best Yoga Asanas for Hernia

All asanas are the part of yog and also used in naturopathy for treating the diseases. Because we get air and earth power from asanas. Naturopathy is based on 5 elements of nature, air, water, sky, fire and earth.

 In hernia,

bhujang asan and pashimotamasan are most important for curing.

 Sarvangasan is also helpful but if the patient has also high blood pressure and heart problem, he should not do.

 If he is normal from BP and Heart disease, he can do.

So, understand it and more careful about your breathing in these asanas.

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Practice of Yoga - Part 1 | Yamas - Truth

In the first part of practice of yoga, yoga will start from its first part yamas out of its 8 parts. In this part of yoga, we have to start right living. In this living, we have to leave lie and practice of truth. Whatever the situation in the life, we will speak only truth and we will not speak lie. With this, we can take next step in yoga. With this, your health will increase Because this part of yoga will remove your stress and your white cell will use their energy for killing your all infections and you will be cured fastly. You have to become truthful.

How to Respect Others - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

There are simple 7 ways of "How to Respect Others?"  With this, you can learn  respect others.

1. Forgive the person who insulted you.
2. Apologize if You have insulted other person.
3. Always say thanks in the end of talk - Best Way to Express Your Gratitude
4. Say the please if you want other's help for your own work. 
5. Be a good listener
6. Ask more and more questions 
7. Appreciate other's work

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3 Top Fears Patients May Not Know Patients Have

There are lots of patients come on my whatsapp video talk and asking same question but does not tell that they are fearing. During the talk, I can see sad face, short breath and all symptoms of fear. Because, they do not know, it is fear. So, they do not accept it and live in same situation. So, here, I am explaining list of such 3 major fears which patients may not know but patient have and I have also explained how to overcome all such fears.

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How to Overcome the Fear of Cancer

You are fearing from cancer or you have cancer phobia because you have not knowledge of cancer from basis of naturopathy, Today, I am re-imagining of cancer in your mind. As per naturopathy,  cancer is very very normal disease and it is fully curable within one month if you will follow following simple principles.

0. Speak daily in loud voice and full of mind energy that cancer is normal disease. I will follow Dr. Vinod's naturopathy treatment of cancer and I will be fully cured or I will become brave to face it.

1. Walk 20 kms daily.
2. Eat only fruit and green vegetables.
3. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, salt, sweet and its products,  oily and fast food, meda food and all outside readymade food, food by use of pressure cooker.
4. Drink more water and do more exercise
5. Follow brahmchariya strictly. Even you are married. Control on sexual desire and use same energy for curing this disease.

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15- Minute Gratitude of God that will Cure Your All Diseases

We all want to cure our all diseases but we are unable to cure all diseases. Why? Why? This is big question which may come in our mind. We have eaten lots of allopathic and homeopathic medicine but still we are in disease and disease is increasing day by day.

Main reason of this is the shortage of oxygen and oxygen shortage in body will increase the toxin in the body. For better oxygen in body, our lungs, diaphragm and heart is so important. If there is low capacity, it means, low volume of oxygen in body. So, for increasing its capacity, we need to control our stress and negative thoughts. It can easily overcome with pray of God through gratitude feeling that God is kind and he is giving unlimited boons.

1. Thanks of God that You are not the part of big horrible accidents of the world

There are lots of people died in this world but you are safe. This is possible because God loves you. So, you need to thanks to god for this kindness.

2. Thanks of God that you are not the part of jail


15-Minute Workout That Cures Your All Diseases

Do you want to cure your all diseases within 15 minutes? These 3 simple exercises of each 5-minute will cure your all disease. It does not matter whether your doctor says that your disease is curable or incurable. So, just spend 15 minutes to become healthy and fit as before the diseases. In this word, everyone has only 15 minutes to do these 3 simple exercises to become healthy and fit all time.

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How to Follow Brahmacharya in Digital Age 2018

Before understanding the concept of "How to Follow Brahmacharya in Digital Age 2018?, you should know what is the meaning of Brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya means to give your whole life for gaining true knowledge and devote your life for this.

For this, your focus of mind should be to gain knowledge. It is impossible if your minds wants to get pleasure in the form of different sexual food, anger food, ego food and waste his energy of sex, anger and ego and greed. If your mind is addicted to these negative emotions, you will be unable to use this energy for good cause of knowledge gaining.

Today to follow brahmacharya became more difficult than ancient age of India. One is process of information from second parties to you is super fast than old age due to internet. Lust thoughts of other can attack on you anytime and anywhere without any defense.

First of all you should learn, how mind adapt these lust thoughts and how fastly our body takes action.

Following are the steps "How t…

How to Make Gulab ka Sharbat

Following are the simple Steps to make the Gulab ka Sharbat

1st Step Take the Gulab Flowers

Just go to your kitchen garden and take many gulab flowers.

2nd Step : It its leave in Bag
Add its leaves in your cotton bag. 

3rd Step : Clean it 
Clean it. There may be ant or other small creatures which may be poison. So, remove it.

4th Step : Clean it in Water
Again clean the gulab flowers in water.

5th Step : Take Hand Grinder
It is helpful to keep the nutritional value.

6th Step : Grind the Flowers
For making the sharbat, it is necessary. 

7th Step : Add Sharbat in Jug and Filter it
Now your gulab sharbat is ready. 

How to Overcome Drinking Addiction

If you accept that you have drinking alcohol addiction and you want to overcome this drinking addiction, we can help you. But before you have to accept that you can not control this. You are unable to stop it. Your mind gets the pleasure drinking addiction when situations are adverse. You are drinking daily. You are chronic daily drinker at huge quantity and many times in a single day. Our help will surely give you confidence to remove this addiction.

Before explaining its simple step, I tell one point very clear. You can remove alcohol addiction if you will imagine it as poison. So, learn all contents relating to side effect of alcohol drinking on body and your health. It will damage your liver, your heart, your kidney and your brain. So, not it and imagine it every-time when you are start to drink.

1. Remember daily for 100 times that You are Diamond

Yes, you came in this world for big goal. Due to failure, you may come in alcohol drinking and now you are alcohol drinker. But, you h…

Treatment of Hydrocele without Surgery

Hydrocele is disease in which there is dust fluids near testicles in your scrotum pouch. There may be the swelling in the scrotum. If you do not treat the hydrocele on the time, it may be converted into sexual transmitted infection. In last stage of hernia, you may face inguinal hernia into scrotum  problem or tumor or scrotum cancer.

God has made a wonderful system in human body. A male person what he will eat, it will convert in semen after 40 days. So, for keeping it same, God has made the scrotum. In scrotum, there are two testicles where is semen and sperm for reproduction. But due to our bad habits, there may be dust in scrotum. This dust is in liquid form. It may be fluid dust or blood blockage. So, here will be swelling and pain.

Due to our bad eating habit and sexual habit, this problem comes in our front. We eat bad. We do more sexual activities whose bad impacts on our health. If you waste your semen through masturbation or nightfall. Due to this, this problem may arise.


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