Testimonial from Hernia Patient from Maharashtra | Cured without Surgery

Yesterday, my patient has informed me that his hernia was cured 60% without surgery through my diet plan, exercise and yog and following of brahmcharya within 30 days. There was big happiness in his face.

He is teacher and living in Maharashtra. When he came in my hospital and register for online treatment, he was facing big pain and new pain has decreased and he is enjoying his life without the fear of operation.

" When you can become healthy, you should try to become healthy without surgery"

Now, what are you thinking. If you are also going for hernia surgery. Stop it and book today your appointment with me  ( Dr. Vinod Kumar at my whatsapp no. 9356234925 ( India ) or +91-9356234925 ( outside India ) for your personal naturopathy treatment under my control. I assure you that with the blessing of God, I will cure your hernia within 60 days without surgery. Thank you very much.


» website: http://www.sdnhospital.com/
» whatsapp: +91-9356234925
» facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwamiDyananadNaturopathyHospital/
» twitter: @sdnhospital

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