Solution of Patients' Problems

I am treating my patient and I took one time fees for whole life personal treatment through life style improvement advice through whatsapp. At this website, I am sharing the solution for your motivation. Hope, it will solve your problem also.

1st Patient's Problem 

Sir, I have decreased walking because during walking, I feel pain in body. I did not eat food as per your rules and regulations due to financial problem and I did not eat the food of outside. I am feeling that my body is feeling weak. My weakness has increased and my weight has decreased from 72 kgs to 52 kgs. Please solve my problem

My Solution

Please do not take the tension. If you are unable to take any positive action, accept it but if you take the positive action do it.

For example, you are told, you have the financial problem. I will give the simple solution for this.

 Idea for your positive action 

In your city, there are lots of cows helpless and wondering on the roads. Capture them and start to feed them and start to drink its free milk and also sell milk. You will become rich with zero investment.

For Health Advice

There will no benefit of walking if you will not eat energy food like milk and desi cow desi ghee or makhan.

For better results of walking long, you need to eat

Daily Eat Fruits 3 Kgs

Daily Drink Juice 2 Ltrs

Daily Drink Desi Cow Fresh Milk 2 Ltrs

2nd Patient's Problem 

Sir, I left the allopathic medicine but suddenly, the pain has increased So, I have eaten pain killer medicine. These time, I am facing big exam and health stress. Due to pain, I feel fear. I think, there will be any emergency for me. What should I do now?

My Solution 

Instead taking stress of health and exam, just video call me for getting laugh theraphy from me. If richest person of India Mukesh Ambani will take stress, he will also face chronic disease within few days. Body also needs pure fat. Add one or two chamach of desi cow ghee in one liter milk and drink. It will give you energy to face stress. If you are unable to clear your concepts, better is to accept it and fail in exam. But never take stress of exam. Instead thinking about fear and risks, start to think positive and benefits of my naturopathy treatment. Study now the benefits of getting up three am and sleeping at eight pm. Benefits of chewing food32 times. Benefits of drinking water slowly for appendicitis. 

3rd Patient's Problem

For better support to my reproduction organ, can I wear extra frenchi underwear with my normal underwear. 

My Solution 

Normal underwear is enough because this is the time of summer. No need of any tightness to reproduction organs. Sperm also needs coolness for its growth. Its quantity will increase if you will give good and comfort enviromemnt to it. 

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