How to Strength in My Body

You want to be strength in your body. Great! Everyone can set the goal of body strength. Actually body strength means strength of your muscles and bones. You have to make a strict plan for this. It will take some time, so, you need the patience for this. Following are the tips which are help to make to strength body fast

1. Stop to Eat Non-Veg., Eggs and Meat 

A large number of Doctors and gyms recommend to eat non-veg., eggs and meat. All are living in the room of ignorance. All non-veg. items will make you weak not increase your strength. So, stop it. Reason behind this is very clear. All food will not digest properly in our body. So, there will be lots of diseases. A diseased body can not make strength.

2. Drink Raw and Fresh Milk, Juice, Fruits, Sprouts and Green Vegetables

Many people has habit, they eat specific fruits and juice on specific day. That is wrong. Many people also drink tea instead milk. They are wrong. Tea is ill health food. Raw and fresh milk, fruits, juice and raw vegetables will make the body ability to grow

3. 200 Push Up Daily

Push up has big power. If you will make the habit 200 push up morning and 200 push up evening, it will surely make your body strength because in step 2, you are giving good food to body.

4. Start Challenge of Strength Exercise in Your Life  

Challenge is very necessary in your life. There is no life without challenge. You need to fix the strength challenge in your life. I fixed the 1050 Live challenge of pull up in 7 days, it means, I need to do pull up 150 per day. which I did and made a better strength in my body.

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