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How to Strength in My Body

You want to be strength in your body. Great! Everyone can set the goal of body strength. Actually body strength means strength of your muscles and bones. You have to make a strict plan for this. It will take some time, so, you need the patience for this. Following are the tips which are help to make to strength body fast

1. Stop to Eat Non-Veg., Eggs and Meat 

A large number of Doctors and gyms recommend to eat non-veg., eggs and meat. All are living in the room of ignorance. All non-veg. items will make you weak not increase your strength. So, stop it. Reason behind this is very clear. All food will not digest properly in our body. So, there will be lots of diseases. A diseased body can not make strength.

2. Drink Raw and Fresh Milk, Juice, Fruits, Sprouts and Green Vegetables

Many people has habit, they eat specific fruits and juice on specific day. That is wrong. Many people also drink tea instead milk. They are wrong. Tea is ill health food. Raw and fresh milk, fruits, juice and ra…

How to be Veg. in Saudi Arabia

I know to be veg. in saudi arabia is difficult but not impossible. If you have varicocle problem, if you have heart problem, if you have kidney problem, if you have liver problem and if you have constipation problem and if you have indigestion problem or any other disease, then as naturopathy doctor, I personally recommend you to stop to eat non veg., eggs and meat immediately if you do not want to increase your disease and cure your disease fully within 60 days without any medicine and surgery. Now, you are interested to leave non veg and to become veg. but problem is the situation of place. So, I am giving you the solution.

1. Drink 2 Ltr Raw fresh Camel Milk Morning and Evening

Instead eating non veg food, you just go to camel man and buy the 2 kgs. milk morning and evening and drink it. It is so powerful to cure your all disease and you can live veg. in Saudi Arabia.

2. Eat Fruits

Try to buy fruits and Eat it.

3. Grow Vegetables in Your Home 

Yes, there is nature in also saudi arabi…

How to Live without Cooking

From 21st Feb. 2018 to 21st April 2018, I lived my life without eating any cooking food. I ate only raw fruits, vegetables, sprout and raw milk. So, I can teach you better way its simple steps.

1st Step : Make Chief Definite Purpose of Healthy Life 

Yes, I have made the chief definite purpose of my healthy life. I know that health become more better if I will eat raw food. So, I have decided to make the goal of living my life on raw food instead cooked food on fire.

2nd Step : Make the Plan for Raw Food

I have made every day plan for eating raw food

Mostly morning and after 6 pm evening, I drank raw milk

I sprout wheat but not daily. Sometime I have missed it and ate only fruit in morning and afternoon

I ate almost daily fruits

I have made chatni of mint and green vegetable without salt and chilli and use lemon for taste.

3rd Step : Use Self Motivating Words

I used self motivating words. That, it is very easy goal for getting big success and achievement in my life.

4th Step : Use Fresh J…

Great Results of My Eating of Raw Food for 60 Days Non-Stop

Recently from 21st Feb. 2018 to 21st April 2018, I ate only raw food without any use of fire or cooking. Following are its great results for my health.

1. My Energy level has increased

I compared my energy level both when I ate cooked food and when I ate not cooked food and I found result that my energy level has increased for my day to day work with raw food.

2. My Laziness has Decreased

With raw food, my laziness has decreased. I got up 3 am without any problem and slept 9 pm and non stop without any laziness, I work for my projects.

3. I have Succeeded to Control My Mind Better Way

I have won many addictions through controlling my food. All were happened due to cooked food. I just started to eat raw food and got success to control my mind.

4. I felt Pride for this Success

I felt pride for this success. If I got challenge, I feel good after achieving that challenge in my life.

5. My Happiness Level Has Increased

I have received good nutritional contents in my body due to raw food which …

How to Cure Heart Blockage without Surgery - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Yes, if you heart blockage, never never go for surgery. It has 100% cure in naturopathy.

If you want to cure heart blockage without surgery, please follow my naturopathy tips.

1. Stop to eat cooked food.

2 . Stop to eat salt

3. Stop to eat sugar food

4. Walking daily 0 to 20 kms and one hr exercise

5. Control hypertension with om meditation and laugh therapy

6. Stop to eat nutritional supplements and save your body's bio-chemistry

If you want my naturopathy personal treatment of your heart blockage, please book your appointment at my whatsapp no. +91-9356234925

Diseases will Cure with Positve Action not with Focus on Problem

Dear all, focus on your disease problem is the main problem of each patient. All time, they think about the problem, problem, problem and problem. Who is in this world who has no problem. Only focus on problem, there is not cure of disease. You need to take positive actions.

 I do not want to disappoint you because you have trusted on me. But, you are not in my personal physical hospital. So, I can verify only one your positive action out of my 80 plus rules to cure you that is get up and sleeping time. There are great patients @Hernia Chatisgarh 1632018 , @Apendix Gujarat 142018 , @Hernia ayodya 1722018 , @Constipation Sikim 1112o17 , @Hernia Maharashtra 1222018 , @Hernia Rajkot 122018 ,@Hiv Positive Mp 2122018 .@Varicocele Etava 442018 and lots of other in this reserved group of WhatsApp because all are focused on positive action not on problem. There is nothing in this world who has no problem.

For example : I have pain in stomach. It is because I have focus there. If I started to…

Why should Go to Toilet in Every Evening

Like any other habits, to go to toilet everyday is a habit. If it is not your habit, it means, you have no time to go to toilet and it is sure, you have no time to eat. In end, there will no time, you will in disease city. So, to make better toilet habit is very necessary. From long time, I am explaining the importance of toilet. Toilet is very necessary because it removes dust from body. Now, come the question, why should go to toilet in every evening. Evening start from 6 pm. It means, you go to toilet from 6 to 7 pm. Following are its main reasons.

1. It will clean the Descending Colon

You know that everyone eat 3 times minimum in a day. After digesting by our stomach food dust will store in our descending colon which is last part of big intestine. So, total time will spend of digesting morning food just 8 hrs. It means, its dust must be removed by going to toilet in 6 pm every evening. Now, afternoon and evening food will start to digest and morning 3 am to 3:30 am, we have to go …

Why should We Sleep Early at Night

Our body need to sleep 6 to 7 hours daily if we have to cure our disease and become healthy all the time. If you will sleep at 8 pm, you can make the habit of getting up at 3 am. So, you will get all the benefits of getting up 3 am. I have diagnosed many patients, they have lots of reasons of awaking in night but they have no reason to sleep early at night. So, here, I am making the list of sleeping early at night.

1. Self Healing Process Working at the beginning of Night 

As a naturopathy Doctor, I have lots of health habits. One of great health habit which I follow, I sleep early at the night between 8 pm to 9 pm. 9 pm is my dead line because next day, I have to get up at 3 AM. I am telling you the secret of this.

Your self healing process will work at the beginning of night. If you are following are naturopathy rules but you do not follow this naturopathy principle, you will fail to cure your disease fastly because our body's own self-healing process starts his work early in th…

How to Get Up at 3 AM Daily

To make the habit of getting up 3 am daily is biggest challenge. You will be failure if you will follow same way to try get up. But if you will follow a solid strategy for getting up 3 am as per my way. It is sure, you will get success for getting up 3 am in early morning everyday.

1st Step 

 For this, you must sleep at 9 pm or more early at night because it is must to get rest 8 to  6 hours in night.

2nd Step 

Never use alarm. It is unnatural way to disturb your body and mind.

3rd Step 

Just educate your mind in night and just go to walk and then bath. It is enough to get willpower to remove snooze problem after getting up 3 am.

Naturopathy Treatment for Gas and Stomach Problem

If you want to get Naturopathy Treatment for Gas and Stomach Problem, please follow following steps before Naturopathy Treatment for Gas and Stomach Problem, I want to say, it is your life style problem, so never eat any medicine for this. Just make better life style and your all stomach trouble will remove.

 1.  Stop to watch news, Movies and TV Shows

YOU should  Stop to watch news, Movies and TV Shows.

Main reason,

1.  you sit long time and body will stop to move and dust will stop in stomach and starts gas.  For example, you saw the news of accidental death of 20 people in USA. You will start to search how did they die? Who were they? Who is responsible for this? Is it not delay your goal of sending stool in toilet? Yes, If yes, we are taking news addiction in your life. Why are you taking movies addiction in your life. Why are you taking TV shows addiction in your life. Delay of toilet is starting of gas problem permanently. When I did understand this major fact. I stopped to watc…

How to Get Ripped Body Naturally

If you want to get ripped body by burning your fat, you need to grow your muscle naturally.

Following rules, you need to follow

Exercise Rules 

1. Warm up before work out
2. Enthusiam is must
3. Be Safe during Exercise
4. Push up is must
5. Relax after workout

Eating Rules 


1 Ltr. Desi Cow milk Fresh without Boil

2. Daliya without Sugar and Salt


4 Variety of Fruits


Roti and Dal and Salad


Fruit juice without sugar, ice and salt


Roti and Dal and Sabji and Salad

How to Cure Nightfall Permanently

Welcome to Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital. And today we will tell you how you can treat nightfall with Naturopathy. Due to your mistake of your healthy life style, you lose your sperm at night. When you got up morning, you see the different magic which you did not imagine. Your underwear was wet. Now, it is sure, you were depressed because without your permission, your sperm died after coming from your body.

You do not even know whether you have destroyed one of your very big assets in someone's dream because you do not know its value. One drop of Viraj has been made from 40 days eating of food. If there is night fall everyday, you can imagine that you are wasting your big asset. You will become weak everyday. One of great thing, it can be permanently stopped by some workout. It will like that you have full control on yourself and no one can withdraw money from your pocket without your permission.

Remember, destruction of one drop of power is the destruction of life. Saving …

Testimonial from Hernia Patient from Maharashtra | Cured without Surgery

Yesterday, my patient has informed me that his hernia was cured 60% without surgery through my diet plan, exercise and yog and following of brahmcharya within 30 days. There was big happiness in his face.

He is teacher and living in Maharashtra. When he came in my hospital and register for online treatment, he was facing big pain and new pain has decreased and he is enjoying his life without the fear of operation.

" When you can become healthy, you should try to become healthy without surgery"

Now, what are you thinking. If you are also going for hernia surgery. Stop it and book today your appointment with me  ( Dr. Vinod Kumar at my whatsapp no. 9356234925 ( India ) or +91-9356234925 ( outside India ) for your personal naturopathy treatment under my control. I assure you that with the blessing of God, I will cure your hernia within 60 days without surgery. Thank you very much.


» website:
» whatsapp: +91-9356234925
» facebook: http…

How to Do Self Body Massage with Oil

If you want to do self body massage with oil, you need to understand first its benefits and side effect of wrong massage. If you will learn to do self body massage with oil with our good way, you will get following benefits.

 1. Your body pain will remove

 2. You will get energy

 3. You will feel relax

4. Your disease will cure

5. You will be healthy and fit

6. Your muscles will strong
7. Your body arteries, veins and capillaries will strong.

 8. Your body all disorder will be order naturally

9. Your body mechanical defects will cure

 10. You will no need of any medicine or surgery

 11. It will remove blood blockage. If you will start to massage with wrong way, it may be harmful for your blood vessels. So, learn the best steps to do self body massage with oil

 1st Step : 

Take a oil in hand

 2nd step : 

Add it on the specific part of body

 3rd Step : 

Massage by rounding the circle on specific part. it will increase the flexibility in muscles. 

4th Step :

 Not to do super-fast bec…

5 Top Exercises for Chest Pain Relief

If you want to relief from chest pain, you need to do 30 seconds following 5 exercises morning and evening and at the time of chest pain.

 1. Shoulder blade open exercise with straight cloth This is most popular because I cured my own left chest pain with this. This pain was happened due to lifting heavy weight back of my body. Do not lift more than your capacity before making stamina.

 2. Up back hand joint

3. Touch back upper table your both hands

4. Touch back upper table both your arms

5. Touch finger of both hands back of upper table.

 If you want to do your personal treatment through my control, please whatsapp me at my mobile no. +91-9356234925

How to Overcome Non Veg Addiction

If you have decided to overcome non veg addiction, we are here to help you to boost your power to stop non veg addiction all time. Following are its simple steps

 1. Remember all eat meat due to taste not for health. If you want to eat for health, determine to stop it.

2. Keep the list of biggest side-effect of eating non veg in your pocket, read when your mind will say to eat it. By reading, you mind will start to fear and not to eat.

 Book your appointment for naturopathy treatment at our whatsapp no. 9356234925

Solution of Patients' Problems

I am treating my patient and I took one time fees for whole life personal treatment through life style improvement advice through whatsapp. At this website, I am sharing the solution for your motivation. Hope, it will solve your problem also.

1st Patient's Problem 

Sir, I have decreased walking because during walking, I feel pain in body. I did not eat food as per your rules and regulations due to financial problem and I did not eat the food of outside. I am feeling that my body is feeling weak. My weakness has increased and my weight has decreased from 72 kgs to 52 kgs. Please solve my problem

My Solution

Please do not take the tension. If you are unable to take any positive action, accept it but if you take the positive action do it.

For example, you are told, you have the financial problem. I will give the simple solution for this.

 Idea for your positive action 

In your city, there are lots of cows helpless and wondering on the roads. Capture them and start to feed them and star…

Testimonial from Varicocele Patient | Cured without Surgery

A whatsapp message and video talk from the my patient , " I have increased my confidence and happiness after my  naturopathy treatment from Dr. Vinod Kumar and meeting live with same doctor.  and I was very upset after increasing the pain of varicocele problem and doctor told me to come and operate it through surgery. I rejected surgery and started to follow naturopathy.

" He had varicocele problem in right side. I did also yoga but when he started my naturopathy. His swelling reduced. Also the vasucal tube litter bit thin. Size has small. Not like before. " He is feeling zero pain and increased confidence. That he won the match of curing without use of surgery. With his willpower, he declared surgeon as failure. He conceived it, he believed it and now he achieved it.

 Now, if you have the problem of variocele  and want to cure it without medicine and surgery and with naturopathy rules, please book your appointment with me ( Dr. Vinod Kumar ) at my WhatsApp No. +91- 93…

Why Onion and Garlic is not Eaten for Following Brahmcharya

Brahmcharya is basic source of health in naturopathy. It means, state of mind with pure thoughts and pure action. It also means zero level of lust thoughts in mind. With this, we save our energy which is used for curing any type of disease. So, As naturopathy Doctor, I recommend to follow brahmcharya. In following of brahmcharya, onion and garlic is main barrier because both have the content sexual thoughts.

1. Stop Onion and Garlic if You need to Protect Brahmcharya 

Both onion and garlic have many uses in naturopathy for curing disease but it should not be the part of food. If the patient is so weak due to night fall, sexual addictions like masturbation and watching porn. or more sex addiction, it is highly recommended to stop onion and garlic. Both have the content to engage mind to lust area for relax itself instead of taking positive action. So, if the patient is of that nature, first, he or she should fast from onion and garlic. With this, he will get peace of mind. At zero leve…

Conceive, Believe and Achieve in Naturopathy

In this video Dr. Vinod Kumar talks about health motivation through teaching his concept of conceive, believe and achieve in naturopathy. You will become health winner if you will give the space in brain memory card that you have already healthy. For this

1. Repeat I am healthy 120 times in a single day for 60 days

2. Motivate your self from great naturopathy stories

3. Understand the concept of conceive, believe and achieve. Whatsapp at mobile no. +91-9356234925 or visit our website

How to Overcome Mobile Addiction

Today, out of 100 people 99% people who have the mobile are the addicted of mobile. With this addiction, they keep switch on all the time and same switch on mobile carry their health at zero level because it disorder brain reward system. People have to pay this addiction's price in the form of chronic diseases.

For overcome mobile addiction, we need to understand whether we are addicted or not. If yes, we can preventive measures to control this addiction. So, start from diagnose process

How much time did you attach with your mobile on your productive day?

I think, you will have 6 days out of productive days. Sunday is off whether is you are student or doing job or doing any business. But, if you are free, 7 days are productive days for you. Did you keep your mobile on in 7 days. You say yes. It means, you are connect with whole world. Great. Congratulations. But please silent and try to understand. In 7 days, you may be busy in finding great idea for growing your life. Suppose in …

Can We Eat Sprout in Summer

In naturopathy, the use of sprout is must because it boosts the immune system. Immune system is just like blood circulation system or nervous system of body and works 24 hours for protecting our body from different diseases. But due to wrong life style in past 20 and 10 years. Eating oily food and there outside hotel or junk food, it reaches at zero level. So, there is need to boost it with quality food. Sprout is in this place.

Now Come the Question 

Can We Eat Sprout in Summer?

Yes of course. But, we can keep it for long time as in winter season. Reason is one is fungus on sprouts. It means, it is not usable for eating like any fungus bread. Mostly you saw the fungus on wheat sprout if you will keep 2 days or more and other seeds. Now, best solution for this.

1. It is enough to keep 8 to 12 ours for sprout of wheat. Now chew 32 times, it will give same energy.

2. Instead Use single wheat sprout add mung sprout + pudina ( Mints ) + Lemon + Tamator. This will best to eat

3. Just grow gree…

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