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How to Overcome the Fear of Disease - Dr. Vinod Kumar

Every disease is not big disease but due to fear, it makes big disease. Every time when you face fear, it will increase stress in your brain. Your peace of mind will disturb. You will not sleep well. You started to eat lots of medicine. Due to this, poison will increase in your body. You think, fever, caugh and cold is disease but it is not disease, it is natural system of removing toxin from body.

Your only Fear of Disease is just dark room which helps you to fall anywhere. So, you should take the bulb of knowledge to overcome your fear of disease.

1. Increase your Positive Mental Attitude Every day

When you are thinking about fear. Start to think positive. Focus only positive thinking. That you are doing positive action for good health like walking and exercise and yoga for 2 hrs daily, so, you will be no disease. You are becoming healthy.

2. Diagnose Your Disease with a Naturopathy Doctor. 

I asked 100 questions for finding the disease. If you clear my 100 question's test. I wil…

How does Brahmacharya help to cure Varicocele Disease

Yes, a person starts to follow brahmcharya under the control of a wise teacher, it is sure, it will be helpful to cure varicocele patient. Because If you start to follow the strict rules of Brahmcharya, you will get progress of increasing the number of sperms and also ok report of your victim veins. Today, we will focus, why and how will it be possible.

 Money Saving Habit is the Source of Happiness

For example, there are two employees. Both are married. Both's family expenses are Rs. 20,000 but salary is Rs. 1,00,000.

First Person

Now, First Employee's Strategy : Enjoy the life. He did not make any future plan or set passive income goal. He enjoy the life. Everyday, he gave big and very costy gift to wife for getting his love for his selfish aims. Every evening, he is addicted to carry her wife in rich hotel where he and her wife enjoy the life. So, end of month, pocket was empty. He started same function for one year.

After one year, a big tragedy happened. His company was fa…

How to Overcome Abuse

For knowing the steps of " How to overcome abuse addiction?", you should know the the abuse, it means to use some verbal words for insult other. You can abuse if you have no respect of other or you want to give the lesson but it will become your addiction and you will speak abuse words everywhere and every place. No one will love you and all will save from you from your anger and abusing personality. Actually, from heart you will become a fearful person. Instead of fighting or facing, you will run after abusing other. So, try to get lesson to overcome this abuse addiction from me.

 1. Give the better lesson to the Person who Insulted you instead abusing. - Learn from Indian Freedom Fighters

 2. Forgive who has insulted you.

 3. Speak " I am thankful to you" Who insulted you.

 If you want to personal training for overcome this addiction, just whatsapp me ( Dr. Vinod Kumar at my mobile no. 9356234925 ( India ) or +91-9356234925 ( outside India ) .



How to be Happy Everyday in Life

To increase the level of happiness is very necessary if you want to cure your diseases naturally. If your every day level of happiness is not good, it means, you are in stress and you are in fear and it is big chance, you will not cure even if you buy millions of medicine from whole market. Your money can give you medicine but not happiness. There is no direct relationship between happiness and money. You saw there are lots of people in the world which have the money but no happiness. So, there are lots of rich who are in the hospital instead to learn about how to get every day happiness.

So, here, I am Dr. Vinod Kumar explaining the Law of Naturopathy for Happiness.

1. Happiness with Positive Mental Attitude 

Yes, if you will start to keep your mental attitude positive, you will get happiness. There are Simple 5 rules of positive mental attitude which you have to follow.

1st Rule : Speak Self motivating words to Yourself

Every day, you should speak.

I am happy, you will become happy.

How to Overcome Medicine Addiction

Before telling the simple steps to overcome medicine addiction or drugs addiction, I want to tell that
From last 70 years, market is full of allopathic medicines and other medicines on the name of full curing the diseases. All are big side-effects. One of biggest side -effect is that patient will addicted because it gives temporary relief. But did not cure whole disease. So, for getting short term reward, he or she eat it continually. So, with this, all our body's different parts like kidney, liver, heart and brain will full of toxin.  It is very difficulty for body to remove such toxin and moreover people will dependent on it. So, it is addicting like addiction of alcohol. There is no need of any medicine in this world. Self-healing process and immune system is enough to cure the patient fully.

If you feel, you are medicine addicted, we can help you to overcome it by following following steps.

1. Increase your stamina to remove all medicine fully within 30 days

2. Use the Self-M…

Testimonial from Hernia Patient | Fully Cured without Surgery

Yesterday was big day in my life. One of my patient of Hernia has fully cured from my personal naturopathy treatment within in 45 days without any surgery. It is great achievement for me as Naturopathy Doctor and as him as learner of naturopathy who followed and got wonderful result. Success Story of My Patient He is living in Hyderabad.

 About 2 months ago, at 8 pm, I attended the call and he was very feared even after watching my video that he will do hernia surgery. I increased his self confidence that before the dead of Dr. Vinod Kumar you need not do any surgery. You just follow my personal treatment and you will cure totally soon. He followed my naturopathy treatment with full of honesty, trust, dedication and full use of his willpower to achieve his biggest goal of life. Now, what are you thinking.

 If you are also going for hernia surgery. Stop it and call me ( Dr. Vinod Kumar at my mobile no. 9356234925 ( India ) or +91-9356234925 ( outside India ) for your personal …

How to Improve Strength with Willpower

If you have the willpower, you can improve your strength by lifting weight more than your current capacity. Willpower will boost your hidden unlimited capacity. Demo is in this video. Please warm your body first. Please don't try without personal fitness coach.

6 Habits of Happy People

Happy people have 6 great happiness habits. Do you know? If not know, will explain 6 Habits of Happy People but before this, you have to understand your main problem which are your negative emotions.

Have you facing the chronic disease and unable to cure by eating millions of medicines? It means, you have mental disease of negativity and negative emotions, there is no medicine in allopathy doctor. You just start to follow following 6 Habits of Happy People and see that magic that all your chronic disease will remove from your body.

1. Kindness Habit - Start To forgive other's mistakes
2. Take a challenge Habit  - To Start to find solution
3. Express gratitude Habit - Start to Say thanks
4. Talk Positive with others Habit- Start to say you can do it
5. Take Responsibility of their own Mistakes
6. Get up early in morning - Start to follow my strategy to get up 3 AM . Learn at

For personal Naturopathy  treatment :  Contact : 9356…

Naturopathy Treatment for Cholesterol

We will take the following steps for Naturopathy Treatment for Cholesterol or High Cholesterol . But before, you know Cholesterol

As per naturopathy science, it is fat like elements which is very necessary for human body for producing harmons and giving energy to body cells but it must be good. Bad cholesterol are harmful because it block arteries.

1st Step : stop to eat bad cholesterol producing food

1. Non-veg. and eggs
2. Tea
3. Salt
4. Sugar
5. Oily food
6. Water with food

2nd step : start to eat good cholesterol producing food

1. Desi cow milk
2. coconut / Sarso ka sag / badam
3. Desi cow desi ghee small quantity

3rd step : Run 10 kms daily
4th Step : Do hard work physically daily for 2 to 3 hrs.

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Naturopathy Treatment of Nightfall - Part 2 - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

If you did not see first part of "Naturopathy Treatment of  Nightfall  - Part 1", please watch at

If you want to treat your night fall or wet dreams from me through naturopathy, please call me at my mobile no. 9356234925 or go to our official website for reading its full text form.

In second part of   "Naturopathy Treatment of  Nightfall", take following steps

1. Stop to eat Onion
2. Stop to eat garlic
3. Stop eat garam masala
4. Stop to eat artificial sweet like sugar and jaggary.
5. Stop to eat mungfali.
6. Instead of drinking buffalo milk, drink only desi cow milk.

How to Leave Tea Habit - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

As per naturopathy science, tea is poison and if you are addicted the poison tea with your bad habit, it means, you will bring constipation, not get relax and proper self-healing process in night and also invite millions of diseass in your body. So, come and leave tea bad habits with simple three steps.

 1. Get knowledge of benefits of leaving tea.

2. Reward if you did not drink tea or drink one less cup of tea in a single day.

3. Give your self self-punishment if you will fail to leave the tea.

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How to Get Rid of Salt in Food - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

As per scientific research, there is no need of artificial salt in food because it is the invitation to 100 diseases for you. But your mind is out of control because it gets the pleasure of taste through tongue and it wants more pleasure of taste of salt in different food items. So, if you start to give pleasure to mind by giving salt in each item, it will be your addiction and you will become the slave of your mind and mind become the king and he will dead your kidney, heart, liver, intestines, veins and bones. Salt will increase toxin in the body. So, come and learn " How to get rid of salt in food with natural way?" I have made its strategy because soon you and your mind will fight on this issue and you have to become winner on mind. so, follow my following strategy of this fight

 1. Get natural substitute of salt like lemon fruit, desi cow milk, fruits and vegetables.

 2. Get willpower for leaving salt in food by slowly decrease its quantity in food.

3. Motivate yo…

Naturopathy Treatment for Low Blood Pressure - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Today, we talk about naturopathy treatment of low blood pressure without eating any medicine like allopathic medicine, homoeopathic medicine or ayrvedic medicine. I will teach you that your bp will be normal without using of any medicine. So, come and learn the system of naturopathy for curing your low bp. Low bp means hypotension and if you are patient of high bp, it means, you are the patient of hypertension. Tension is the source of low bp and high bp.

Symptoms of Low BP

First of all you know the symptoms of low bp. Are you facing the feeling of faint? Are you feeling very weak?  Are you not interested to do work in the morning? Are you unable to uplift any small thing? If you test your bp, it may be the problem of your low bp. Your bp neither low or nor high. It must be normal. What is bp. It means blood pressure. In the body, there are arteries, capillaries and veins. It is double highway more than 1 Lakh kms. There are very small blood vessels in whole body. In these blood vesse…

Naturopathic Treatment of Gastric / Acid Reflux / Acidity

Video Description

Hallo dear friends, I am Dr. Vinod. Today we treat your acidity problem, gastric reflux or acid reflux or GERD problem.

 First of all, we have to understand this.

Due to our bad life style and bad thinking that we can eat any type of bad food and if there will be defect in body, we can eat small medicine of allopathic and we will become healthy. We repeat this bad thinking and start to eat all bad food which we find in the market and which buy and make in the kitchen.

Due to this bad thinking and bad food, our food will back to mouth. In this food, there is acid. Because it will come from stomach to above food pipe, so, it will bring heart burn and chest pain. Reflux means jumping the water in the sea. Like this, our undigested food will go to food pipe and it will give you very painful experience. You will feel heart attack but it is not heart attack but it is acidity. If it will happen many days or months, it will convert into alser and then it will convert into can…

Naturopathy Treatment for Fibroids in Uterus

In naturopathy, "Treatment for Fibroids in Uterus without Surgery" is possible. You have to trust that already self-healing system in your body by nature and God. You just need to use your focus energy,Vital Energy from Brahmcharya  and food energy, will power for following rules and regulations of strict principles of Naturopathy. Following are the rules of naturopathy forTreatment for Fibroids in Uterus without Surgery.

1. Stop All your fearful thoughts - Get Focus Energy and Use following other Steps of Naturopathy Principles.
2. Follow brahmcharya
3. Stop to eat non-veg.., eggs, fish and meat food.
4. Stop to drink cold water, soft water and alcohol
5. Stop to eat fast food, outside food, hotel food, marriage food, party food, birthday food, meda food, confectionery food, sweet of sugar food, use of salt.
6. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh green growing pulse and sprout pulse
7. Do exercise and Asan for 1 hr daily

 If you are also going for fibroidsin uterus surg…

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