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Exercise for Mental Health

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Today, we will tell you the best mental health exercise. With this, your brain will be more relax. First of all, we know the mental health. What is the need of mental health. We have two parts of brain. One is big brain and second is small brain. Both must be healthy. There should not be stress in it. There should not be tension in the brain. There should not be depression in the brain. When you face physical diseases like fever, cough or cold or asthma. These are the diseases. Or If you have faced chronic diseases like kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure or HIV positive / AIDS, cancer. Or if you have faced boy pain like chest pain, back pain, knee pain, leg pain, foot pain, At that time, brain starts to remove them. Brain gives the message to immune system to remove these diseases, chronic disease and pain.  If you are facing chest pain, it means, you are facing brain pain because brain is the owner of our body physically. Soul is invisible but brain is ph…

Examples of Good and Bad Healthy Life Style

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Every action in this world starts from thinking in mind. We can not do any think, if we do not think about this. If we will repeat the action, it will become habit. You can think 50 thoughts in day and out of this, some are best and you follow it and take the action for 21 days, it will become your best habit. If you will follow 3 months same habit, it will become your life style. So, remember again, three months habit is equal to life style of any human being. Anyone can live good life style and other person may have bad life style. Good life style will make same person healthy and bad life style will make other person unhealthy. So, with example, we will explain, how good and bad life style affects our health.

Basis of Difference 

1. Food 
(A) Good Life Style Person
If there is any disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem, liver problem, heart problem and brain problem, all are your life style problem. You did not make the good life style, that is th…

8 Habits of Healthy People

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Welcome Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital's New Website  . I am Dr. Vinod Kumar. Today, I will explain 8 habits of great healthy people like Swami Dayanand Saraswati and other. Before this, I am explaining the simple saying of my brother. "To make health is very difficult, if it will disturb, it means, your whole life will disturb." You will remember, when you will cure, when you will be healthy, you do not care the value of health and soon, you will capture again in chronic disease.

1. To Make Healthy Attitude.
Attitude means how are you feeling or thinking. Whether you are under any disease or not, you must to keep your healthy attitude. All the doctors keeps their healthy attitude. They have this habit. If any disease come or any injury come, still, they feel health. I want to explain that when I have 1050 pull-ups in 7 days, I have felt pain in my chest. But because I have habit of healthy attitude, I did not suffer it, I ran m…

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