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Naturopathy Treatment of Hair Fall

Few days ago, One of my patient wants to treat his hair falling problem with naturopathy. Whether you are man or woman, you will look beautiful if you have the hairs. It is the part of your personality. If hairs starts to falling, forehead and back brain will look without hairs. With this, your personality will decrease. With this, there may be many psychological problems will start. A lady may feel negative if her hairs are falling and she will looks without hairs very ugly. If you want that your hairs will become iron. If you want it will strong that it will not fall after trying to remove it, it means you have started naturopathy. Do you want, how can it be possible. Yes, it can be possible with proper treatment of naturopathy. With this naturopathy treatment, there will no need of transplant of hairs. So, come and understand. I am follower and practice of naturopathy from last 15 years. I can show my hairs, it is strong as iron stick. If your hairs will strong like me, you …

Naturopathy Treatment of Sinusitis

Hallo friends, today, I will explain the simple steps to cure yourself from sinusitis through naturopathy. You can treat your neck or nose or brain infection completely through naturopathy.

Brief About Me 

First of all, I am telling you about myself. I am Dr. Vinod practicing naturopathy for the past 15 years. Let see how to do the treatment for sinusitis.

Symptoms of Sinusitis 

Prior of this, I am going to tell the symptoms of sinusitis. Patient who is suffering from sinusitis may have heavy pain in head, pain in both cheeks, there is pain in nose and also pain in eyes or there may be lots of problems, doctor can see after checking the patient. There are many reasons behind this happening. It happens due to virus attack, or bacteria attack or allergy from environment. One of biggest reason is your bad life style.

Now, learn the Simple Steps to treat sinusitis through naturopathy.

1st Step : Focus on the Solution instead on Problem

Psychologically, when we start to fight any problem, we …

Naturopathy Treatment of Hernia

Namste Dear Friends, today, I will tell you about "How can you cure your hernia problem with naturopathy?" I think, you have know the concept of hernia, if you still have the doubt of understanding the hernia problem, I can explain it in simple words. In our stomach, there are two types of intestines. One is big intestine and second is small intestine. Our long and big intestine size is 35 to 40 feet and small intestine is of size 6 to 9 feet.

For better understanding, you can take a water pipe. Like this 35 to 40 feet pipe, same pipe is our big and small intestine. Its breath is one inch. Due to our mistakes of life style, we face the problem of hernia. For example, we have increased our belly. There is big dust in intestine and we are facing constipation from many years or we may face any accident or there are so many other reasons of happening it. It may be any part of body but main part is below chest and near the stomach any side. If our stomach's wall are weak, it…

Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 5

Welcome in the 5th part of treatment of HIV positive / AIDS. In this part, my teaching focus will be to explain the timetable of eating and exercise for HIV patients. When I started naturopathy treatment of HIV/ AIDS, I got lots cases of patients. So, it is my big responsibility to give fastly relief to my patients. I have to boost their immune system fastly and carry it at highest level and give freedom to my patient from this disease. I told already that any HIV patient must do strength exercise daily. HIV patient must walk 20 kms daily. HIV patient must eat fruits daily. All need to do on specific time. So, there is the need of timetable like a school going student.

Solutions of HIV / AIDS Patients' Problems

Before telling time table, I want to tell that I have solved lots of problems of HIV patients. I got the phone call from one HIV patient

First Patient : Hallo Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod : How can I help you?

First Patient : I am HIV positive. After 3 months, I have to marry with a be…

Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 4

We have made already made 3 parts of naturopathy treatment of HIV / AIDS. If you did not see the all past 3 parts, we request, you must read and watch our all past three parts. This treatment is step by step. So, you can not forget past steps for taking new steps.

Our Teaching Focus : How to Increase Self-Confidence 

Today, our teaching focus will on increasing self-confidence. If we will succeed your self-confidence, there will no time to cure your HIV/ AIDS. You will totally fit. Your immune system will strong with your willpower and self-confidence and all virus will leave your body room. Check your test and you will be ok. You will say, it is magic. Your old chronic disease will cure with new few days. It can only be possible by awaking your self-confidence. It has great power because it is supreme power and it is super natural power.
Now, I am explaining the simple method for boosting your confidence. It will go from 0 level to 100 level, if you will follow strictly my technique.

Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 3

Video Description 

We have explained in first part that HIV positive virus is weaking our immune system and it leads to immune system failure. In first part, I have explained full naturopathy treatment of HIV / AIDS.  In second part of HIV /AIDS, I have explained how can you live today life today. I have received lots of phones on my mobile no. 9356234925 and lots of people have told their pain and problems. They told me that one day, they have eaten fruits and next day, they stop to eat fruits. They told me that one day, they walk long but next day, they stop to walk. They are unable to achieve the goals of natural life style. Today, I will explain, how can you achieve your goal to free from HIV / AIDS. Today, I will focus on this. Hope, you will also focus on this lecture.

Friends, I want to tell, why positive word with HIV. It means, now you have to 10 times more positive than a normal person. Because only positivity is your power. Every second, you have to become hopeful and leave…

Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 2

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Welcome in the second part of HIV/AIDS naturopathy treatment. As per naturopathy, no virus will attack on human body if the immune system is not weak. In naturopathy, we say that your ability of fighting disease has decreased. Except this, there is no explanation of this disease in any book of naturopathy. As per naturopathy, you can boost your immune system, if there is defeciency in it. As soon as your immune system is solid, you can remove fever or cold. In the first, I told that you have to live today life today. You are wasting by thinking past and taking tension of past. In naturopathy, there is no test of HIV. We have full ability to cure it. So, there is no need to take its test in naturopathy. We can not eat tomorrow food today. We can not also eat yesterday food today. Both are harmful for your health. In this lecture, I will explain the steps of forgetting future and past. If you not forget your future and past, your all system will die with huge tension.

Treatment of HIV/AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 1

When a person knows that he is HIV / AIDS and it is the last stage. All doctors have give clear answer of no treatment to him. Now, there is no possibility of your living your life and pray of God for getting way to to reach his home. At that time which is best system for you. In naturopathy, every chronic disease can be curable but it has to follow with full of trust and self-confidence. So, come and see the naturopathy treatment. For making its habit, you first 30 days, you have to follow. When it will become your habit, you will be automatically follow it for your whole life.

1st Step : Knowledge has no End Point and BE Positive All Time 

There are two person who were injured with gun. One was injured with one bullet and other was injured with six bullet. A person who was injured with six bullet, is thinking that he has to live at any cost. A person who was injured with one bullet, feared deeply. He died with this fear. Doctor started to operate him for withdrawing bullet. Doctor s…

Exercise for Mental Health

Video Description 

Today, we will tell you the best mental health exercise. With this, your brain will be more relax. First of all, we know the mental health. What is the need of mental health. We have two parts of brain. One is big brain and second is small brain. Both must be healthy. There should not be stress in it. There should not be tension in the brain. There should not be depression in the brain. When you face physical diseases like fever, cough or cold or asthma. These are the diseases. Or If you have faced chronic diseases like kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure or HIV positive / AIDS, cancer. Or if you have faced boy pain like chest pain, back pain, knee pain, leg pain, foot pain, At that time, brain starts to remove them. Brain gives the message to immune system to remove these diseases, chronic disease and pain.  If you are facing chest pain, it means, you are facing brain pain because brain is the owner of our body physically. Soul is invisible but brain is ph…

Examples of Good and Bad Healthy Life Style

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Every action in this world starts from thinking in mind. We can not do any think, if we do not think about this. If we will repeat the action, it will become habit. You can think 50 thoughts in day and out of this, some are best and you follow it and take the action for 21 days, it will become your best habit. If you will follow 3 months same habit, it will become your life style. So, remember again, three months habit is equal to life style of any human being. Anyone can live good life style and other person may have bad life style. Good life style will make same person healthy and bad life style will make other person unhealthy. So, with example, we will explain, how good and bad life style affects our health.

Basis of Difference 

1. Food 
(A) Good Life Style Person
If there is any disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem, liver problem, heart problem and brain problem, all are your life style problem. You did not make the good life style, that is th…

8 Habits of Healthy People

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Welcome Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital's New Website  . I am Dr. Vinod Kumar. Today, I will explain 8 habits of great healthy people like Swami Dayanand Saraswati and other. Before this, I am explaining the simple saying of my brother. "To make health is very difficult, if it will disturb, it means, your whole life will disturb." You will remember, when you will cure, when you will be healthy, you do not care the value of health and soon, you will capture again in chronic disease.

1. To Make Healthy Attitude.
Attitude means how are you feeling or thinking. Whether you are under any disease or not, you must to keep your healthy attitude. All the doctors keeps their healthy attitude. They have this habit. If any disease come or any injury come, still, they feel health. I want to explain that when I have 1050 pull-ups in 7 days, I have felt pain in my chest. But because I have habit of healthy attitude, I did not suffer it, I ran m…

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