How to be Kind


If you want to be healthy, you have to be kind. Kindness means any of your action which brings happiness in helpless's face. Automatically when other will happy, you will be happy and satisfied. Same happiness gives you better peace and good sleep. By becoming kind, you can bring positivity in you and in others. With kindness, you are creating new opportunities. Following are the Simple Steps to be Kind 

There are two main Steps to be Kind 

Step A : Remove Your Inner Ego 

Your inner ego is the big barrier to be kind. Ego means, you are giving more importance to I, even you do not know who I am. So, better is to know how to be humble?

This is most difficult work to remove of your inner ego, it creates a barrier to make good relationship and other thinks, you are so kind. 

Follow its Sub Steps 

1. Appreciate more 

When you appreciate others, others get motivation and in their thinking, you become kind. This is the easiest way to remove your ego and appreciate other's success. 

a) If your team member did good work, give him an appreciation certificate. 

b) If your friend shares his success story, congratulate him or her. 

c)  Give Gifts 

d) Praise for his or her hard work

e) Share past happy moment photo album 

f) Make the list of 5 things, you love about someone

g) applause

h) Speak personally, I appreciate you for all you have done for me

i) Celebrate Other's Success

j) Take happy moment pics

2. Thanks More 

Thankfulness more also helps to make you kind. When you will be thankful, your ego will remove and you will look more kind who has a sense of gratitude for what other has given to you. 

a) Daily write thankfulness notebook

b) If you do not have the physical notebook, you may use an online notebook for writing thanks for others

c) Write a thankfulness letter

d) Give the evidence in the form of cash or kind gift to other to show that you are thankful for what he or she done for you.

e) When you start to eat the food, thanks God who made great food for your energy

f) When you get up, thanks God who gave you new day to live

g) When you sleep, thanks God who help to spend your day happy and peaceful. 

h) When someone help you, in end, never forget, Thank you

i) When someone share his or her food, say thank you for your great meal

3. Listen More 

When you listen more, you give the importance to other. When you listen more you start to control your own ego. This is the starting process that kindness comes in your mind. 

Following techniques, you can use that you are listening more person

a) Ask more questions 

b) Give positive feedback 

c) Give Opportunities to other to speak first

d) Give Attention

e) Be Present When Other Speak

f) Do not interrupt 

g) Read or Watch Two Times if you do not understand, it helps better listen online

h) Ask to repeat if you do not understand other's words

d) Answer Other's Question

4. Present More 

If you have to be kind to yourself, you have to live in present time. If you are living in past or future, it means, you are cruel to your life. Life is the name of current time. Never waste it in the future and past. Living in current time is in your hand. 

For present more, apply following rules

a) Forgive yourself for past mistakes

b) Never guilt for past accident

c) Never worry about future

d) Enjoy every day

5. Friend More 

Friendship is great way to support and humble to support. Following are the way friend more

a) Call to school and college friends at the end of year

b) Every day, make one new facebook friend and educate them free how to be kind

c ) Help your friend when your friend in need

6. Polite More 

Politeness is great way to kind yourself and others.  Following way, you may polite more

a) Say please when you want help

b) Touch the foot of parent and teachers for blessings

c) Count the blessings of God daily

Step A : Take Kind Action

1. Give Food, Water  and Shelter and Cleaness  to Animals

You can start from helpless animal. You want to be kind, help animals through give fresh food, water and shelter. 

2. Share your food, Clothes with helpless people

Give food, clothes to helpless  people

3. Smile by seeing other

Smile is kind action which you can give to others.

4. Keep Interested in others

Never ignore others if you want to be kind. 

5. Donate to Charity Organisation

Donate the organisation who helps to promote free education and free food. 

6. Be Volunteer

Be volunteer for not for profit cause.

7. Give Helping hand to helpless 

Always ready to give helping hand to helpless people

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