Hiatal Hernia Vs Umbilical Hernia

 Following are the main difference between hiatal hernia and Umbilical Hernia on the following basis

1. Meaning

Hiatal Hernia 

It is called a hiatus hernia. It happens when the upper part of your stomach is weak and above part shift from its original place. Our stomach which is below the diaphragm but same stomach slips and come above the diaphragm. So, this disorder is called hiatal hernia. In this, he will feel acidity and chest pain.

Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is abnormal swelling and increases the size of belly button on your abdomen. If there has opened some part of your abdominal muscles on your belly button and your intestine comes out of this, it will called umbilical hernia.

2. Symptoms

Hiatal Hernia

1. you will start to have a lot of acids

2. ate something and drank it will not be digested

3. indigestion 

4. there will be blood loss

5. will be heartburn

6. there will be burning in the chest

Umbilical Hernia

Following are its main symptoms

1. Swelling on belly button
2. Belly button comes out of stomach level
3. Pain inside the belly button
4. Feeling small intestine comes out of internal skin of belly button. 

3. Causes

Hiatal Hernia

Following are the main causes of Hiatal Hernia 
1. Making of Acid on chest
2. Eating acidic food like more spice and red chilli
3. Eating non veg, eggs, meat and oily food

Umbilical Hernia 

Following are the main causes of  Umbilical Hernia

1. Overweight 
2. C-section operation
3. No regular doing exercises 

2. Treatment 

Hiatal Hernia 

Following is the treatment of Hiatal Hernia


Umbilical Hernia

 Following is the treatment of umbilical hernia

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