Why has human being become Enemy of Nature

 Nature gives us happiness, health through food and fulfill our all desires but human being has become the enemy of nature and brought diseases and suffering

Following are its main reasons

1. Opening more and more factories. Increasing pollution and cutting trees and decreasing the oxygen level.

2. Using the chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides and increasing the pollution on the Earth and it's water

3. Increasing pollution due to festival

1) increasing air and noise pollution in festivals by firing bomb and rockets 

2) pollution water by adding dust in river and moving water. 

4. Fire the grass after cutting grain. This is air pollution

5. Making home and Shop by cutting forests

6. Cutting rocks and making big roads for picnic spots

7. Ac harm natural coolness 

8. Using bike, car and petrol and diesel vehicle for transportation of people and goods. All vehicles increasing pollution to air.

All will give big danger for the existence of life on this planet

1. No oxygen will free

2. No water for drink

3. Increase diseases

4. Low immunity

5. Increasing carbon dioxide

6. Increase temperature

7. Flood

8. Storms

9. Earthquake

10. Acidic rain

Now what is solution

1. Tree today and return to nature

2. Promise to protect nature at any cost

3. Less use of motor vehicles. Use foot and cycle maximum.

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