What are the symptoms of Gallbladder Stone?

Gallbladder stone maybe but it is not necessary, it will create any problem for you. But you should not be careless if you will see the following symptoms because these symptoms help you to heal it fastly with natural rules. Symptoms are a god gift that helps us to find your disease and give suitable treatment for this. 

1.  Upper Right Stomach Pain

If you are feeling upper right stomach pain, it may be your gallbladder stone or stones. It is one of the main symptoms. This pain may be sudden or after some time. This pain happens because it creates a barrier to the normal flow of bile to the small intestines. 

2. Feeling the Right Shoulder Pain

If you are feeling right shoulder pain, it may happen due to your gallbladder stone. The gallbladder and right shoulder have a big relationship. Due to stone, the gallbladder will be inflammation and swelling and due to this, your nerve which is connected with your intestine, your gallbladder, your shoulder and your neck will not do its work properly. This nerve name is phrenic nerve.

3. Feeling Weakness and Vomiting 

Because gallstone, the gallbladder will unable to digest body's fat and the same undigested fat will make you weak and you will feel vomiting. From this, symptom, we can find that its one reason may be your gallstone. It may be other reasons also. 

4.  Digestion Problem 

Because the gallbladder is the part of your digestion problem, if you feel the gas problem, nausea, constipation or loose motion, indigestion, it may be connected with your gallbladder stone. 

5. Fever

Fever is great to find the main root. If you feel fever after some time, it may be the symptom that you have gallbladder stones. Due to this, your small intestine will not digest fat. The same fat will create toxins and body temperature will increase to fire this toxin. 

6. Yellow Skin and Eyes

If your skin and eyes are yellow, it means you have jaundice and it may happen due to gallbladder stone and gallstone damage to your liver and jaundice will happen. Why jaundice happens learn

there are stones in common bile duct pipes. Now, bile is unable to go small intestine for digestion the fat, now, it leakage into the blood and it converts blood from red to yellow. 

7. Very Heavy Weight or Underweight

Both heavyweight or underweight is not good and sometimes increasing weight day by day or decreasing weight day by day is the symptom that you have the gallstone. 

If you want to remove its symptoms, you need to follow this video. 

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