100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 16

 76th benefit of Brahmacharya- Gaining strength from more exercise

If you have to become a winner of the world of sports or your exercise has a big goal, then brahmacharya can help in this if you do not destroy semen for 100 days, then if you exercise after that, then do double the amount of exercise you can do

Professor Ramamurti ji adopted the power of this brahmacharya and at first, he used to leave only half the exercise and then he went to Indian Ayurveda.  He took a vow of brahmacharya. Then he got the power of  Bhima.

1. He would get up before sunrise in the morning

2. Running for 3 Kilometers.

3. then wrestled with a soldier

4. After that fight wrestling in the ground

5. then rest and go swimming

6. Then in the evening 1500 to 3000 push-ups 

7. Then do squat 5000 to 10000

His all power comes from strick followers of brahmacharya.

 if he pushed the coconut tree, then 2 or 3 coconuts would break and come down.

In this way, due to the power of the brahmacharya, his weight became 100 kilograms.

The chest became 41 inches wide, which on expansion became 57 inches.

77th benefit of celibacy - Power to destroy  Bad people

If you feel that you do not have the strength to destroy the wicked in the world, then you can get this strength by spending 365 days of brahmacharya.

Do you remember who insulted Bhima's sister-in-law passionately?

His name was Dushasan and Duryodhana.

So Bhima also took a vow that I will destroy these two wicked people who have insulted my sister-in-law.

And you must know that Bhima also killed Dushasan and also Duryodhana.

Whose force was this in Bhima?

It was the force of brahmacharya by which he avenged the insult of her sister-in-law. If today someone uses force on a woman, then you should also teach a lesson to that wicked, but for that you should have 365 forces of celibacy. If you keep every drop of semen for 365 days, then you will get a force like Bhima.

 78th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Enjoying the Journey Without Burden

 If you have double the weight in the journey, will you enjoy your journey at all, not the journey you will find it to be the porter's burden? Life is also a journey. And you are doing this journey by taking pleasure in the desires of your desires. The one who is tiring you every day, travels for happiness and pleasure, but because of your lust, you have taken so much burden that even 100 people do not bear.

Throw it, be celibate, celibacy will give you the joy of this life because in this we burn the bounty of desires and take the name of God and take the real enjoyment of this life.

But the virtuous husband is addicted to it, but whoever gets addicted to this subject, neither he will become intelligent, nor will he be able to raise his children, because the wife never makes any effort from the adulterous husband and without effort, even Lakshmi is not there.| And neither will he be able to give good values ​​to their children, so if you want to give good values ​​to your children, then follow the brahmacharya 

79th benefit of brahmacharya - the attainment of Brahmanand

When you follow brahmacharya for a long time, then you always remember God, be it day or night, summer or winter, sun or shadow, you remember Him at all times, one day God will come to you.  you get such a joy which is more than the joy that any of our senses can tell, but its price is to follow the strict rules of brahmacharya and the senses Complete renunciation of pleasure. Once this Brahmanand is found, now he does not find pleasure in anyone else, but the pleasures of the lust appear insignificant in front of him.

80th benefit of celibacy - never being sick

Sage Vagbhata has been a great teacher of Ayurveda, he has said that if a person does not have attachment in lust and sex, then he cannot get any disease. If you have any disease then you will have an attachment to the lust and sex in your past and its result is this disease which makes us unhappy and now you follow brahmacharya and this will not keep attachment to you and this disease  will also cure 

  According to Sage Sushruta

साद्रक्तं ततो मांसं मांसान्मेदः प्रजायते।

               मदेसोSस्थि ततो मज्जा मज्जायाः शुक्रसम्भ्वः।। (सुश्रुत)

Virya is 7th datu and very valuable for saving you from all diseases. 

juice from food = 5 days

juice to blood = 5 days

Blood to skin = 5 days

Skin to fat = 5 days

fat to bone = 5 days

bone to Bone marrow= 5 days

Bone marrow to Virya  = 10 days


total time = 40 days


 So if you don't want to get sick at any time, don't let it go.

Acharya Charak says

Traya Upasthambha:- Diet, dreams, brahmacharya.

त्रय उपस्त्मभा:- आहार स्वप्नो,ब्रह्मचर्यमिती।

The absence of disease is dependent on the three pillars of your life, food, sleep or dream and celibacy.

the man who will have a sattvic diet

Will sleep well and work towards fulfilling the dreams of his life.

One who is a brahmachari with intellect and mind, he can never get sick.

कायस्य तेजः परमं हि शुक्रंमाहारसा दपि सारभूतं।
जित्तात्मना तत्परिरक्षणीयं ततो वपु :

The real power of body is your shukar or Virya or Semen. It is the basic theme of food. You have to protect it with the cost of your life like your own soul. With this, your body and sun will be strong.

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