How to Get Peace of Mind

With the help of brahmacharya, you can get peace of mind. 

Due to following the brahmacharya, mind feels full satisfaction from the life. 

1. It never feels boredom

2. No anxiety comes in the mind

3. When person pures in thoughts, actions and words, results comes pure and mind satisfy from the pure results and feel relax and get good night sleep.

4. One of big reason of not peace in mind is attachment with material things. Mind always restless running behind the material things and take stress to safe them. Root of this is sex desire. There are millions of beauty products are its proof. After adding beauty products on face, they want to become young and attractive but without brahmacharya, no result will come because when waste of same energy, mind will upset  because lack  of treasures in the body. He or she did not sleep proper in the night and there will not peace in the mind and body will start weak and weak body will unable to fight with diseases. But good fact that this does not happen who follow the brahmacharya.

5. When a person move to find the God, every place where he tired and take rest, Get Great Skun.

6. When we find the god and meet him, this will be great happiness. This will be permanent happiness. After getting permanent happiness. Minds feels real peace. Other happiness which comes from lust are just few seconds and we slave and we running and running means wasting more and more energy and getting few second pleasure. Mind in end feels totally unsatisfied with this loss of his or her energy and suicide thoughts comes in his or her mind but when human being small walk toward to God, big happiness comes and it is the secret of Indian Saints and Mahpurash's peace on face. 

7. For brahmachari, it is easy to withdraw his senses and focus on the God. Less consumption of sense energy, increases its energy and growth his or her spiritual life.

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