What are the Functions of Spleen?


There are large number of functions of spleen. Some have been discovered by medical science and some are known like the functions of liver. 

Following are the main functions of spleen 

1. It helps to kill old and damaged blood cells

Spleen has special type of tissue which helps to kill old damaged blood cells. Same cells can increase infection in the body. But thanks god who made the spleen who kill damaged, infected and old blood cell one by one. and after filtering blood from it will be more fresh and pure. 

2. It reserves 250 ml blood for use at the time of emergency of body. 

Do you maintain your home budget. When you got salary or business income do you consume all. No, because you think there may be emergency in the future. God is also great budget maker of blood. It does keep 100% in the body if there may be an accident and if body lose all blood, it is the case of emergency but there is no person there. God has already thought this fact and so, included spleen as reserve locker of 250 ml blood in it for covering you safely from emergency. If there is accident and there is lose of blood and important organ needs blood supply, it will give same reserves to body parts. What a wonderful mechanism of God. 

3. It is blood filter

Yes, spleen is connected to both lymphatic and blood circulation system. It helps to blood filter. That is reason, we have to focus to heal it if there is default in it or increases its size and difficulty in its functions and never go for surgery. 

4. It is part of immune system of body.

It is connected to lymphatic system which is transport of immune cells and it transfers to blood and helps to fight infection naturally. 

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