What are the Causes of Enlarged Spleen?

Following are the main causes of enlarged spleen 

0 Life Style mistakes

If you have bad life style, it will give side effect on the function which is natural function of spleen. For example, if you will speak lie and gain short term but think is it not loss of long period.

1. Infection

If there is infection, it will harm the spleen

2. Fever

If you got long term fever, it will harm the spleen and enlarge it because it will face difficulty in working. 

3. Cirrhosis

If you have Cirrhosis, you may face this problem

4. Liver damage and fatty

If liver is fatty and damage, it will harm this gland and enlarge it. 

5. Liver enlargement

If liver has enlarged, it will enlarged your spleen.

6. Blood clot in veins

If there is any clot of bleed in it veins, it will damage the pure supply of blood to spleen and without blood, it will stop to work. 

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