How to Manage Marriage Parties and Health


One of problem of marriage parties, you eat more and more unnatural food and same food will problem your health in future. Today, I am sharing some tips which helps to manage both marriage parties and health.

1. Try to eat less Oily food like Pakore and Tiki and Gol gape 

These are full of oil which is refined and which is harmful to the health. So, try to eat very less. 

2. Try to Avoid Sweet

There may be lots of dishes of sweets which is harmful of health.

3. Eat Simple and Less Dal roti

You can enjoy simple dal roti with dahi and rayta in marriage party. Dahi is immune booster and dal roti is healthy food.

4. Avoid soft drinks

You must avoid soft drinks in marriage party

5. Never drink alcohol in marriage party

This is very dangerous to your health. Never drink alcohol.

6. Never over eat

Overeating in marriage party is bad habit. Try to avoid it. 

7. Eat Small Amount of Rice

More rice eating means invitation to constipation.

8. Avoid Coffee

Coffee increases your BP. If you want to avoid high bp, try to avoid coffee.

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