10 secret codes of Happiness - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Are you unhappy?
Have you low level of happiness in a day?
Are you stressful?
Have you lots of complains for others?
Are you failure in the life?
Have you boredom?
Are you sad?

If above answer is yes, then this video is for you. 

Following is the secret code of Happiness in whole life.

Do 3 duty in your life for happiness

Be the controller of your mind (COM )

1. Gratitude (G) 
2. Achievement  (A)
3. Challenge (C) 

Be the Master of a Skill

1. Set the skill (S) 
2. Study (S) 
3. Share your Skill (S) 

Be the Manager of Your Stress

1. Walking (W) 
2. Exercise (E) 
3. Silence ( S) 
4. Laugh (L) 

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