How to Increase the Immune System of Mind?

If your mind's immune system has increased and you got the stress, anxiety and depression and mood upset, not sleeping well, unhappiness, not peace of mind and satisfactions. Due to this, physical immune system will also weak and all diseases will come with fast rate. So, break it by taking 3 Mindful actions to boost your mind's immune system for relief of stress, more good sleep, more happiness and increasing the level of white blood cells of your body.

1. Mindful meditation

Just Close eyes and focus on your breathing with your mind and see relax feeling after this.

2. Mindful focus of  your Goals

  1. Do one work in one time. 
  2. Make the time table as daily regular goal and strict on it.
  3. Identify your destruction and avoid it.

3. Mindful Visualization of Your Goal

Visualise that your health level is increasing, your happiness level is increasing, you are getting good sleep and you are so peaceful. 

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