What is Umbilical hernia?

Umbilical hernia is abnormal swelling and increase the size of belly button on your abdomen. If there has opened some part of your abdominal muscles on your belly button and your intestine comes out of this, it will called umbilical hernia. This is common in new born baby.

If there is dust in your intestine and stomach does not clear full, it may push to the weak spot of your abdominal wall on your belly button, then it will be umbilical hernia or navel umbilical hernia. It is fully natural treatable.

1. If you are overweight, you can face umbilical hernia. With improving life style and decreasing overweight, there is more chance of healing fast the umbilical hernia.

2 Second reason, if you will life heavy weight, there may pressure on navel muscles and it may break and intestine may come from it and you may face umbilical hernia.

3. If you have cough more than one month, you may face umbilical hernia.

This hernia may be painful or feel discomfort with this if there is large size of this hernia. 

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