What is Incisional Hernia?

The incisional hernia is the hernia which happens due to unhealed surgical cut. If same incision or surgical cut is on abdomen area due to operation of liver, pancreas, gallbladder or spleen or bladder, or male prostate and if same wound will not heal, it will convert incisional hernia because same wound hole will help to come out the intestine and it may be painful all time to patient. It is also called ventral hernia. It will be in bulge form near past surgical cut on any part of abdomen.

One of main reason of this, unnatural life style even after any abdomen surgery and same will increase dust in body and it will unable to heal surgical cut wounds and later it develop the incisional hernia.There may be surgical mistakes that is the reason of incisional hernia.

Second abdomen surgery is not solution of your abdomen problem whether it is appendicitis, liver problem or any other problem because in future, you can face incisional hernia due to this.

Overweight can also side effect on your past incisional abdomen surgery healed wound and it may convert in unhealed wounds and again convert into incisional hernia. Best solution of yur all abdomen problems is natural treatment.

 In natural treatment, we focus to remove constipation, reduce overweight and natural healing with reducing patient's stress. All these things, positive effect and surgical wound will start to heal and incisional hernia will heal with this.

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