How to Run 100 Meters in 10 Seconds

Hello dear friends. Today we teach you how you can run 100 meters in 10 seconds.

1. Set Run 100 m in 10 s as your Big Goal

 Look, this is your big goal. Any goal is when there is a big goal, we need to work hard for it and we get direction from it, so you remember this first step all the time. First of all, make sure to set your set A goal in mind that I have to run 100 meters in 10 seconds. If you have big goal, we can divide it in small goals or sub goal.

2. Improve Your Speed ​​with Practice

 If I can't even run for 10 seconds because there is no practice, if I do it in 20 or 15 seconds, then I am feeling satisfied, then along with that I will do my improvement. This improvement will be more fruits in my diet. More green veg. in my diet. More milk in my diet. More water in my diet. I will take good sleep. I will manage my stress. I will do practice two times.

3. Warm Up Before Fast Running Practice

The big thing is that you do warm-up exercises before this fast running practice. With this, body will get heat level and with this, you will get very less injuries.

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