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Why Should Continually Try for Positive Actions for Natural Healthy Life Style

 If you want to be healthy and cure all your diseases with natural way without medicine or without surgery, you need to keep big patience and long time, you have to take positive actions. But some patients did not not have such patience and they give up the naturopathy rules and natural life style rules because they are hurry to get results. So, I have focused on this issue and I am now explaining the simple system to strong your brain by bringing positive thinking of never give up and try and try and try until success of your health and fitness in your natural treatment.

 1.Think, Life is already big fight. Do it for Winning 

 Some people have the problem, they live the life for defence. Where there is only thinking of defence, there is the existence of fear. Life is not for this. Life is to play the fight for only winning. One person fights for winning. Second person fights for saving himself in fight. Who will win. Because total energy has spent of person to win. So, the person who will fight for winning, will get success. Otherside, the person who spent whole energy to make the strategy for defence. It means, he is fear from attack because no rest energy. All energy has already spent for running from attack. When disease has come. You starts to live your life like a person who defence. Disease your enemy. You are running and go to 1 Lakh doctor. Still, disease will not decrease because disease is attacker person and you are running from it. You have totally focused to save yourself from disease at any cost. Why are you playing fool game? Start to become real fighter. Attack on disease. How? Very simple. Try and try and try to take the positive actions of natural life style. You have to focus only to live natural life. You eat raw green, you do not life and tasty but you know it has lots of vitamins who will kill your disease. You have to walk daily long before sunrise but it will make your tired and boring but long walk will give your big oxygen capacity because heart and lungs does good function after walking and good oxygen in the body means killing of your disease and you will be the winner. You have to watch my Naturopathy Videos daily. This is not romantic movie, there is no action movie, there is no horror movie, this not commedy show. Why should see this. Because you more you will get motivation, more you will learn the strategy to kill the diseases through natural life style.

Always remember, you are here fighter life tiger to fight not victim of deer. Be brave, be confident and fight

2. Success is in the End, So, take and take New Steps for Achieving Success

 Are you live in 25th floor’s flat. How did you will reach? Simple by using the steps. You say that I do not use the steps. I have electrical match and I stand and it carry me 25th floor. Again, I am saying, you are so fool. Steps are not only physical steps made with cement. Steps means all the group of positive actions. You went to same machine it is first positive step. You have touched the button, it is second step. Machine has used electrical energy, machine has taken third step on your behalf. Electrical department has supplied electricity for this. It means, electrical department has taken 4th step on your behalf because you paid the electricity bill in the end of month. So, after taking four steps, you have reached on the 25th step. For making good health, you do not know how many steps, you have to take. So, you have to continually take all the positive steps. When a paid patient takes my naturopathy personal treatment, I give many steps in the list. All have to take by thinking positive that it will reach me to my good health goal. Without it, it is impossible to achieve this goal. 

Read my ebook : 100 Steps of Success

3. Think Your Try is Like Attack on a Big Tree with Cutter

 You see, you have small cutter and with one or two or 10 cut with it, there will no effect on the tree. Disease is also a tree. You have to cut it. You just eat natural food for 10 days or walk for 5 days or avoid dustful food for 7 days and give up. Why? Did you not think, you have just attack 10 times only, you need to attack 1000+ on the tree. Means, minimum 3 months, you have to eat good foood. Minimum 3 months, you have to walk long. Minimum 3 months, you have to get up 3 am and sleep 8 pm and you will see that your disease tree will fall down like physical tree will fall down after 1000+ attack with cutter on it.

 4. Think, Glass has Half Completed with Water Instead Thinking, Still Glass is half Empty

 If you have seen half glass of water, you start to think negative that there is still, goal is so far because glass is half empty and you start to give up. You only to think positive that glass is half completed with water. If you will try, it will be full of water. Just take the positive action of pressing your hand pump or button of your electric water pump or wait govt. water supply in morning or go to jug to add water in this glass. But due to lazy naturally, you do not take any positive action and only worry and anxiety becomes part of your life and your laziness brings only big disease for you. Now, be positive, if you have walked long for 1 and half month, never give up, walk long for next 1 and half months also by thinking positive that you have done half and now, you have achievement and you can do next half. There is no big issue. You have eat raw veg and fruits without salt for 10 days instead outside smosa or other readymade food and now think, just next few days, if you will continue, you will get success. Prosperity brings prosperity. If you the money in your pocket, it has the power to bring more money in your pocket. So, save money more and you get money more. Like this, if you have eaten raw food for 10 days, you have increased capacity to eat next 30 days also. But it can only be possible with positive thinking.

 5. Think, you are Swimmer for Getting Pearls from Sea

 Swimmer does not know where is pearl in the sea but he goes to bottom of sea and try to find and fail. But he does not give up after fail. He tries again to bottom for finding pearls. He tries 1000 times and failed but he goes on never give up policy. He goes and goes and win one day by finding the pearls in the bottom of the sea. At that time, he feels happy and go to market and sell it at billions of dollars and becomes the richest person of the world with fame, name, status and respect which he wants to get in his life mission. Do you not want same. You want also get the pearls of health. Due to disease, you are unable to do what you want because pearls of good health in the bottom of sea. You try only one or 10 times for making your natural life style but give up and give the desire of good health. But you have to take the lesson from swimmer. If swimmer can rich by try and try and try after 1000+ fail, you will also try and try and try to make your healthy life style after 1000+ fail and see no effect on your health and one day, you see magic and your health level will increase 1000 times. It is called conceive, believe and achieve in naturopathy.

 6. Think, Success is a Place and Your Positive Action is Driving of Car

 Imagine you are in the car and you go to destination. How? Just sitting in the car. No dear. Drive the car. Drive the car. You have tired. Still drive the car. Drive the car. One day, you will achieve your place where you want to go. In natural life style, you have to change your attitude. Changing the attitude from negative to positive is drive the car. You had complain, criticise and backbite attitude in past. Now, you have changed it by thankfulness, appreciation, encouraging attitude. It will make your good health. You had the negative emotions like sex without goal, hate, anger, jealousy, guilt, untrust and you have changed the emotions by driving your life car and bring the positive emotions love without any goal, peace, smile, trust, focus and forgive and all will increase your happiness level and you will be healthy. So, my dear, you need to drive the car of healthy and natural life.

7. Think, Success is always in Secret Lock 

 What did you think? Dr. Vinod Kumar became Doctor in one day. No dear, it is 15 years long time to learn the secret from great doctors in the field of natural health and natural life style and then Dr. Vinod Kumar came into existence. Remember, success is always in the lock because success is very worthy and it can easily steal by thievers if it will not lock. But good news, there is key of success Health is also great success in the life. It is also in the lock because it is very worthy god gift. Only the person who has the key can open the lock and get the health. But how does this key we can get. Very simple learning from the expert. I am here and wrote 1658 words above. Why because I know and I have key of health and If you will learn from me I will give the duplicate copy of same key. You just follow natural rules which I am following. I am not god. Nature is made by God. Its rules are very strict. I understood and I am following.

For teaching these rules, I made 225+ videos in my Swami Dayanand Naturopathy hospital YouTube Channel and also republished on same website. Moreover, I have made its pendrive, you can get at here. Moreover, I gave my personal treatment for teaching to make this key, you can get by Whatsapp me at +91-9356234925. You can also get this same key from me by giving me your voluntary support in the form of financial donation or donation in kind. Large number of patients have already got this key and getting same health treasure. Why do you delay? Follow above steps and get key and get success. Thanks.

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Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital: Why Should Continually Try for Positive Actions for Natural Healthy Life Style
Why Should Continually Try for Positive Actions for Natural Healthy Life Style
Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital
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