Donation in Kind

Yes, you can donate me and my hospital in kind instead of money donation. By Following ways, you can donate in kind.

1. Audio Dubbing of My 225+ Videos in Your Own Local Language

You may know tamil or marathi or punjabi or urdu or bengali. Great. You just listen my video. Write it in your mother tongue and record it and whatsapp me in my whatsapp no. +91-9356234925 . This is your donation in kind.

2. Translation of My 225+ Videos in Your Local Language

Even you know only hindi, you can also help me by my hindi video text in hindi. It is also your big donation in kind.

3. Spread My Mission's Message 

You just share my video link to your friend through whatsapp, facebook or twitter. It is also your donation in kind.

4. Write Answers in Quora and Mention Our Videos

One of Volunteer has written 106 Answers in Quora and mentional our videos as donation in kind. You can do this.

5. Show Our YouTube Channel  Bedge in Your Website

Just copy and paste following code and add in your website

<script src=""></script><br /><br /><div class="g-ytsubscribe" data-channelid="UCwGa3FuN6MuqK2pTYn8xJ1g" data-count="default" data-layout="full"></div>

Are you interested Financial Support to this hospital, please go here
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