3 Patients Friendly Tips to improve Self Confidence for Curing Your Diseases Fastly

Every patient wants to cure fully from diseases but without improving self confidence for curing own disease, it is impossible to cure whether he or she eat many medicines from many doctors' shops or do many surgeries. I have patients who did 3 times surgery of same disease but still, same disease again and again come in their body. If same patients learns to improve self confidence, they can save their time, energy and money for spending on medicine and surgery and all their diseases will cure naturally without any medicine or surgery. This improvement will remove their all anxiety and fear regarding increasing of same disease.

So, come and learn my 3 Patients Friendly tips to improve self confidence. Here are three tips I recommend if you will use them, these will dramatically improve your self confidence for curing your disease.

1st Tip to Improve Self Confidence : Focus on Health instead Focus on Diseases

When you have any disease, you can focus either on disease or you can focus on health. It is on your hand. You have to focus only on Health. With this, your self confidence will improve to cure the disease naturally.

I will Explain it with my own simple two examples. 

Example No. 1 # I fell down from 6 to 7 feet and my low back skin broke many years ago when I was cutting the rope of my hanging bar near lenter of my house. I was unable to get up after fell down. My brothers massaged and I did not walk because it was very very painful. But I closed my eyes and started to focus

(A) What was happened. I accepted it. It was my mistake of my broken skin.

(B) Now, nature will join again my low back skin.

(C) Yes, it is giving me pain but I am brave, I am doing massage on it and I will tolerate it upto its cure.

(D) Every day, I slowly walk even, I could not walk but I am focusing that my skin is joining and I am saying, I am becoming healthy.

(E) I decided not to go to any medical test. Because I had good habit of drinking more juice and milk and I focus that it making big blood and joining my internal skin.

(F) I started to behave like a healthy person.

(G) I sit on my chair and many hrs I wrote because I love to write. During writing, I forgot this broken skin totally. I did not eat any medicine I did not do any surgery. Only focus to do what I love. I love to write and teach my education.

I am remembering, it was happened between 2007 to 2008 and that time, I focused on my strength. I can write good. So, I did write many hrs in day and totally forgot my this disease. I have broken skin inside of my low back which is my weakness but I prayed to God because God has power to join this skin. By praying, I was focusing on supreme power which was my big positive action to cure it naturally.

After this 1 hr positive action and its focus, I 100% cured in Oct. 2008 as per my thinking. This was my great achievement. It was happened due to improvement of my self confidence. This improvement, I had done through my focus only on health because I am seeing my low back internal skin has joined and I am happy without any pain. So, please follow this practical tip.

Example No. 2 # This was happened due to my mistake running near the training without glasses and outside particle injured my eye veins and I faced red eyes problem and its irritation. But again, I decided to cure it naturally. I have already explained its story, here, I am saying that I focused more and more on laughing, more and more thinking that it is curing , more and more focus on long walking and more and more focus to save my eyes from high temperature and direct summer sun light. And result was my eyes are now ok.

From above two examples, I want to say, if you want to improve your self confidence from low to high, you need to concentrate your mind on health instead thinking negative about disease's side effects.

2nd Tip to Improve Self Confidence : Focus to Make Good Habits and Good Emotions of Health

Every disease comes in our life due to our bad habits and bad negative emotions and other mistakes if there is accident. Doing mistakes are good but repeating same mistake is bad habit. You have to focus to make good habits

Good habits of get up
Good habits of sleep early
Good habit to clean teeth with neem datun
Good habit to drink desi cow milk fresh
Good habit not to use pressure cooker.
Good habit to pray morning and evening
Good habit to read motivational books
Good habit to help helpless

Like this, there are 1000+ good habits, you have to slave all these good habits and you will cure your disease and your confidence to cure disease will increase.

Now you have to focus to make positive emotions

Positive emotion to love your enemy
Positive emotion to trust on others
Positive emotion to think positive
Positive emotion to be hopeful
Positive emotion to be peaceful

Positive emotion to smile and laugh
Positive emotion to be humble

All these actions will improve your self confidence and self confidence will cure your disease.

3rd Tip to Improve Self Confidence : Focus to Control Tongue 

Tongue has two functions. One is for speaking and second is for enjoy the taste. You have to control both. You do not run behind the taste. You do not become the slave of taste. If you are the victim of sweet taste, try to change it with natural taste of fruits. If you are the victim of salty taste, try to use lemon, tomato for natural taste of salt.

You have to speak like sweet. You have to speak less. You have to speak peacefully. You have to speak with full of internal love. All will help you improve your self confidence and your disease will naturally cure.

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