Permanent Solution for Sciatica Pain

First of all, I want to say that medicine and surgery is not permanent solution for sciatica pain. If you have come here to find its a new medicine. Sorry, this is not place. Yes, If you are interested to want to get permanent solution for sciatica pain without medicine and surgery with the help of nature of God, you are in right place.

Here, I am explaining the right plan for permanent solution for Sciatica pain.

1. Best Diet Plan

In diet plan, you need to eat more days on natural food. If you have more weight, you must bring it optimum level with commitment. Without commitment, it is not possible and in overweight, pain will not remove forever. If you have good weight, it is good but still, you have to control your constipation or digestion track because if your digestion system has disturbed, you will get less blood to fight this pain and pain will not heal. All depends on the new blood cell who will fight with it. Eat more and more fruits.

2. Do Daily Yoga Asanas for Healing Sciatica pain Naturally

I have made 7 yoga asanas video for relief sciatica pain. Watch this video and step by step do its practice. These are not so difficult. In your home or at park, you can do it yourself. More relax and flexibility will come with yoga asanas.

3. Do Daily Exercises for Healing Sciatica Pain

I have made the video for showing practical demonstration 1000+ people has already got permanent solution for sciatica pain by watching and doing practical to this video. Watch it and follow it now.

4. Stop to Sit and Sleep on Sofa

Best sitting place is earth. Sit in sukhasan and sleep also on the earth. Never sit or sleep on sofa or bed. It will increase your pain. 

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