Why didn't Cure My Disease After Completing Your Online Naturopathy Personal Treatment

Question by Patient : 

After completing your online naturopathy  personal treatment, I didn't cure my disease? Why

Answer by me

Today morning, I am reading Nyay darshan ( Science of investigation written by Indian Maharishi Gotam Ji )

One of very important teaching

There are 3 big reasons of mistakes

1. Mistakes due to wrong actions by a person who takes action. It is called action mistake.

2. Mistakes due forget  ( not focus ) by a person who takes actions. It is called duty performing mistakes.

3. Mistakes due to wrong tools which used by a persons who takes action. It is called resources mistakes

For example, I gave the treatment to patient as per his diagnosis but patient did not cure. At that time, patient should not start complaining of not curing disease. It does not mean, I failed to treat you.
Instead doing complaining, he has to improve his mistakes.

1. Did you follow all my rules for my given time to him or her. Did he follow as  per his or her facility?

My rules are my medicines. Taking medicine is action. If you will not follow my rules, it means, you are not eating my given all medicines properly. If you do extra than my rules limit, it means, you eat more medicines than my recommendations. So, please improve this mistakes.

2. Did you follow my rules with focus on Duty as directed in my personal treatment reports?

If you will not focus, you will take actions without wrong way which is not directed in my treatment report. You can ask the clarification, I will guide you more.

For example, you have given medicine and directed to eat it with honey medicine  after 3 hrs of afternoon food ( in ayurvedic treatment ). But you didn't focus in listening of doctor. So, you are doing wrong duty.

You eat medicine after 3 hrs of food but you didn't buy honey medicine and eat with water.  It means you have done cheating in performing your duty.

If you do not perform duty as per direction in my personal treatment report, it means, you are speaking lie with me. Please improve it by accepted and bring focus on honesty and truth in performing your duty. It will sure, your disease will cure.

3. Yes, it is also possibility, there is mistakes in given medicines.

 No doctor of world is god. Medicine are not made by doctor. It is made by factories and it may be default due to greed of businessman. For example, your bought honey medicine  is not  real honey medicine but sugar and water mixture. But when doctor knows such issues, he tries best to update and give more pure medicines to patients. 

In my case, I give focus to eat natural diet plan in my treatment. I don't give it myself

1. I didn't have infrastructure to produce all organic diet myself. Hope, I will make it in future through your paid fees and donation to hospital. You can help me by donation to my hospital and convert my dream ( to give whole world the organic diet totally free of cost at my offline hospital )  into reality in future. 

2. Patient has no budget to afford this.

It means, it is now patient duty to produce same in their home like me I am producing for myself.

3. I accept, there may be other rules mistakes. But it does not say, I am wrong as professional naturopathy doctor. 

A. It is based on your answers. If you speak lie or hide any your personal and private secret information. My rules will change and it may give you side effect because my given rules are truth based. Your lie will be understood truth by me. Only your lie may be your enemy in my treatment. So, give me truthful answers first without hiding any of your private information. For saving your life it is necessary. 

B.  I update my rules by making new video in my channel. It is your duty to understand and focus. Before, applying on your desease cure, please confirm me by WhatsApp if you are taking my paid online personal treatment. All update are not for you but it is your duty to watch all updates of my new video. 

With this, we both can make our rules more better and it is my challenge, it will effect more faster than allopathic medicine for curing your disease if you will improve your above mistakes.

Thanks and love Dr. Vinod Kumar

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