How to Increase Height Naturally - Part 2 - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Yes, this is part 2 of teaching you "How to Increase Height Naturally?" If you did not see part 1 of my past lecture on "How to Increase Height Naturally?" Watch now at here.

In this part 2, I have focus to teach

1. Save yourself from negative people near to you because his negative advice will stop you taking all positive actions for your height growth naturally.

2. Do Height Growing Exercises challenge basis

A) Cover 200m in 25 Second by Fast Running : Flexible whole body muscles and bones. 

3. Sleep Regular 8 hrs and Get up 3 AM Daily

4. If there is no water for swimming, use dry swimming exercises.

5. Do all Height Growing Asans.

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  1. Can i( female) increase my height .My age is 20 years.


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