Do 3 Pranayam Every Morning, which will Make You Disease Free - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

This is the 4 pranayam that you have to do every morning and you will be free from all diseases. So come learn them

(Important: Actually, level base per sirf 3 hi pranvayam hai but if ydi time base per classify kroge to 4 pranvayam bnte hai. Es liye main title per 4 pranvayam like)

level basis per classify

1. Long breathing pranavayam

2. Easily level pranvayam 1 minute and 1.30 minute

3. Difficult level pranavayam 2 minutes

Now time basis per classify krte hai

1. 5 minute Long breathing
2. 5 Minute - 5 set 1 minute each breathing holding
3. 1.2 minutes 2 set each breathing holding
4. 2 minute - only 1 set breathing holding

Do it slowly. Practice, practice and practice and it will make your healthy. 

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