Why not go for Allopathy for Treating IBS?

 I am suggesting you, never go to Allopathy for permanent treatment of IBS because first of there is not a permanent solution of this in this pathy, second, there are lots of side effects if you will use allopathy medicine for curing your IBS. 

Allopathy doctors give dicyclomine and antidepressants, H1 antihistamines, mast cell stabilizers

1. Bring Chronic Constipation

All such medicine brings chronic constipation because weak small and large intestine will not become strong to absorb the food but become paralyze and dead and no stool come and same toxin absorb whole body cells and bring more dangerous diseases.

2. Bring Ulcerative Colitis and Other Stomach Diseases

You want to solve the IBS and used the medicine but it is reason of ulcerative colitis and other stomach diseases.

3. Difficulty in Breathing

You may face difficulty in breathing. There will adversely effects on your lung capacity if you will use allopathic medicine for treating IBS.

4. Increase the Risk of Suicidal Thinking

antidepressants which is used stomach stress relief brings suicidal thinking. 

5. Insomnia Disease 

If you will use IBS medicine, you will not get proper sleep.

6. Diabetes

Your pancreas will not do proper work and there will be the risk of diabetes risk who will use the IBS allopathic medicine. 

7. Heart Diseases

You may face the heart disease with eating of IBS medicine

8. Sexual Diseases

Your reproduction system will not work properly after eating medicine for relief IBS and you get sexual diseases. 

9. Imbalance Your Body Weight 

Body weight will not balance. Either, you will be over weight or under weight. 

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