What to Do if Sleep is not Coming


Following are the Simple Steps if sleep is not coming to you at the night. 

1. Do not worry - Remember, No One Die from Not Sleeping 

Never be panic if you did not sleep last night, full week or full one month or two months, Always remember, no one die from not sleeping. Person only die from taking its tension. 

1. The tension of other factors also major factor of not getting the sleep wealth. 

2. If there is fear in your mind, you will never get sleep. So, learn to overcome your fear.

3. Never take the pressure of fight in mind, it will the disease of not sleeping

4. Always improve yourself to heal all your diseases. Body disease will make you awake in night

5. Solve your body and emotional pain problem. You are not getting sleeeping because you have pain 

Never take overthinking what will happen if I will not sleep in night. Tension is it self is equal to dead body, now how can you sleep when already you dead person due to your tension. 

2. Do not Take Sleep Medicine or Any Pain Killer or Any Allopathic Medicine

You must never use any sleep medicine or any pain killer or any allopathic medicine. All will make the damage of your major organ.

Today, you are not sleeping from two months or three months.

This is short period. If your age is 50, and you have to live 50 years, these 50 years is your long period.

But all allopathic medicine make the patient of long period.

Allopathic medicine fails kidney, liver and brain.

So, never eat it. Because your sleeping is not coming in short period which can easily solve but if you want to sleep in short period and take the support of medicine, you will never get sleep in long run. First of all thanks of God who gave the blessing of your major organs are good. Even one organ has default but other organs are still ok. It will help to feel satisfaction and it will bring the sleep to you. 

3. Use Night-Time Positive Ways

Following are the simple ways to use night time and time when you are not getting sleep following ways

a) Read good book and be a good student

b) sing the song

c) meditation

d) yog

e) walk and exercise

f) Play to go to bed and sleep 8 pm 

g) Never eat food after 6 pm

h) Make the list of problems and accept it and write 5 positive solutions of it

i) Teach what you know online

Video Tutorial

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