7 Health Benefits of Dog as Pet in Your Home

 In previous lecture, I told that dog has power to remove your stress. Learn first, 

Dog comes in home, tension gone

In this content, I give some more health benefits of dog as pet in your health.

1. It will compel to walk long daily

Dog don't watch youtube, Facebook and Instagram. So, it doesn't have any laziness. It is habitual if good habits of walking. With this you walk and you will become healthy. 

2. Dog will decrease your loneliness negative emotions

You may unmarried, you may be divorced

You may be no kid after 10 year, bring any orphan dog in home. It will kill your loneliness and bring happiness in your life. Loneliness bring depression and with dog as pet, you become more social. You will be active for milk of dog morning and evening. With this, your blood flow will increase and you will be healthy.

3. Dog makes you king

If you spend time with dog 🐶🐕, he will obey your order. Everyone need selfless member in family who obey your talk. Dog is great member. It helps healing harmons in your blood and with this, your disease heal fastly. Dog always solute you when you come in home.

4. Dog teaches you Less is enough

What you gives to dog, he will satisfy in it and it will great lesson. Now connect it with health. Unsatisfied life brings negative harmons.

You unsatisfied from customers

You unsatisfied from doctor

You unsatisfied from patients

You unsatisfied from husband

You unsatisfied from wife

But when you keep dog as pet in your home

You will get extra ordinary experience

Dog is satisfied if you gave less food

Dog is satisfied if there is no fan or electricity

Dog is satisfied when there is no bed

Dog is satisfied when no comfort

It will change and change will give you satisfaction.

5. Dog is good player

Playing daily is good exercise. For this, you need second player. Dog is good player. Play daily with him and increase your health level.

6. Decrease heart disease

Main reason of heart disease is your hate and anger both increase your bp and break your heart vissels. Dog bring happiness in you. Happiness bring normal BP and no bp imbalance, your heart will be healthy.

7. Fast heal injury

Do you know. You drink milk 2 liter because you need calcium and protein but without digestion. It is poison. Just drink 1/2 liter milk. It can Heal your injury fast if you have dog

Dog Help you daily mobility and mobility helps to heal injury 

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