15 Unknown facts of eating curd

All love to eat curd because our grandmother told us that Curd is great for your stomach problems. It kills bad germs in the stomach. It is helpful for healing the stool motion. but very few know how, when and with, we have to eat curd. Learn all these facts about the healthy eating of curd. 

1. Curd is Cool. Eat it as Cool with Cool things

Curd is cool in nature. So, never drink hot water, hot things with it. Never heat the curd for eating. In the marriage parties and other parties, one of bad thing is that you eat curd (Dahi bhala) with tiki-shole and other heat things and all weak your immunity and diseases comes with low immunity. 

2. Fresh curd in summer morning and afternoon is good

3. Avoid onion, milk, muli, lehsun, milk, salt and fruits

4. Good combination gur or shaker  + dahi or mithi lassi of shaker but not more and not always. Alone is best.

5. Sour and old curd is poison. Only use fresh curd. 

People try to make daily curry chawal. Mostly use old and sour lassi in it. One they do not get nutrition from it and second they take body a small toxin by eating daily old due to lazy to boil other good stuffs. 

6. If coughing or cold, no use curd

7. In body pain, avoid curd because it will increase pain

8. Blood heat increases after coming from sunlight or heavy workout, never eat curd. Normal mud water lassi is ok. 

9. In constipation avoid curd but yes fresh lassi is good

10. Avoid curd in the evening and night

11. Best time to eat curd in India : April to August last

12. Desi cow Milk's curd is better than other

13. Make Curd in Mud pot is good

14. Never keep curd in copper pot

15. Never eat Freeze and cold curd, it will bring only cold instead health. 

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