Why not go for surgery of Gallstone

We say surgery of Gallstone cholecystectomy in medical language. It means, surgeon will remove gallstone by removing your important organ. That is called your gallbladder which is below the liver and gallstones are in it. If you do the surgery instead removing this naturally, you will face following more health issues.

1. You will be Overweight

The gallbladder is a very helpful organ to digest fat and convert it in energy in the body. After naturally removing a gallstone, it will work again naturally and help to keep your weight balanced. After removing this, your weight will increases because no organ to digest fat through releases bile in small intestine and same weight increases will make you overweighted person and it will create difficulty in working and working in daily life. Your breath will be shorted if you will walk with this over body weight. So, never do it if you want to the balanced the weight of the body. 

2. Risk to Heart, Liver, Spleen and Arteries 

When there is no gallbladder after cholecystectomy surgery, your body will gain weight and same weight make your liver fatty, same weight make your spleen fatty and make the clotes in the arteries of heart and that will be riskier for your life. So, naturally, remove the gallstone which is easy and possible. 

3. Postcholecystectomy syndrome

  Syndrome means a disease which is unable to define and understand the level of allopathic doctors. So, the doctor writes its name syndrome. postcholecystectomy syndrome will happen after the surgery of the gallstone. In this, your pancreas will not do work properly because an undigested fat level comes here and two diseases will come. One is vomit or nausea. Means what you will eat, it will come to your mouth without digestion.  With a lack of digestion fire due to a weak pancreas, you will face the problem of indigestion. Due to this, your weight will start to decrease because more indigestion means more lack of blood in the body. Being Underweight will increase your weakness of the body and will decrease the overall immune system of your body. Diseases will catch your body easily. 

Are you smart? If yes, never never do gallstone surgery. Because only foolish buy new chronic diseases by paying the fees of gallstone surgery. It is a lifestyle disease and only solution is to improve your lifestyle and slowly, your gallstone will dilute and one daily fully removes from your body.  With this, you can save your pancreas and save from indigestion. 

4. Risks During Surgery of Gallstone 

If you have already a digestion problem or pancreas problem or heart issue, it will decrease your surgery tolerance power. At that time, cholecystectomy was risky for you. Now, who will tell with deep tests that you have such issues. Everyone loves money but it may be the cost of your life risk if any single test of other heal issues may mis.  

Why do you take this risk. Nature will not only remove your gallstone but heal all hidden your digestion, pancreas and heart issues. It will increase your immunity and you will heal lifetime. 

5.  Damage to near organs, bleeding, infection or even death

1. It is a very clear risk. If you go for surgery, you have the risk of damage near the organ, which means risk to the pancreas, the risk to the liver, the risk to the digestion system, the risk to its vein system, risk to its inside skin cells. 

2. It may be some inside bleeding come and spread and that may come to anemia to you.

3. It may be an infection to you, even your body some part may septic attack. No responsibility of surgeon.  

4. Death during or after surgery

God has given worthly life with enjoy the life for 100 years just healing it naturally.

 There are some natural rules which I given in following video, you have to follow and remove your gallstone naturally

6. Stomach pain

It may be common after surgery. It may come after a nausea attack. 

7. Risk in two types of Cholecystectomy 

One is Laparotomy and second is Laparoscopic

Risks are following 

1. In this surgery, the operation will not full of efficiency because limited range of motion at the surgical site. Visualization is wrong, the operation may wrong. 

2. For removing gallbladder tissue, the surgeon uses tool and he may do a mistake in the judgement of the level of force to remove the gallbladder if he do more or less force, it may be risky for life of the patient. 

3. This surgery can injury into abdominal cavity and result is umbilical hernias or umbilical wound infection, injury to the large bowel

Video Tutorial

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