How to Heal gastritis/stomach ulcer naturally

 Question by Patient 

I have gastritis/stomach ulcer so need to discuss the same with you. Sir can it be little early as i have this issue from last 2 year and tried different medicine but no improvement. Please tell me how to heal gastritis/stomach ulcer.

Answer by Me 

Dear patient, gastritis/ stomach ulcer comes due to lots of life style mistakes. For healing it, you must know its main causes which helps to heal it.

1. You told me, you have eaten lots of different medicine. Do you know, all medicines make your acute problem as chronic problem because it has side effects. So, stop first all the medicines and vow, never eat in future. 

2. Second, you did not focus on the food. Some food which you have eaten are bad and given this problem. Now, you are suffering this disease.

3. Third, your routine is bad because bad routine upset the stomach and brings the disease. 

Now, what is best for you

1. Eat natural food like fruits and green veg.

2. Get up early and sleep early and never focus in lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, hate, jealousy, revenge in daily routine.

3. Follow brahmacharya. Remember God. Learn the benefits of brahmacharya at here.

Watch this video. 

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