How does Brahmacharya help to cure Enlarged Spleen

 Yes, brahmacharya can help to cure your enlarged spleen because if you leave your lust desire in your mind. One side your mind get peace and second physically, your vital energy will start to heal your enlarged spleen. 

If you have any disease of the world, its single medicine is to follow brahmacharya because if you don't waste your vital energy in the form of your viraj or raj, it will increase your immune system and heal all your diseases very fastly. 

I am not saying, same told great  Ayurveda  Acharya Dhanvantri ji. He was also maharishi who gave the teaching of making good character. Learn what he told

मृत्युव्याधिजरानाशी  पियूष परमौषधम 

ब्रह्मचर्य महदरतन सत्यमय वदाम्यहम 

It means, only brahmacharya is great medicine to kill all diseases including your spleen enlargement. I am speaking truth. If you want peace, beauty, memory, knowledge, health and good kids, you must follow brahmacharya. 

So, from today, focus on brahmacharya by leaving 8 mathun

1. Never see lustful

2. Never listen lustful

3. Never speak lustful

4. Never write lustful

5. Never remember lustful

6. Never plan for gain lustful pleasure

7. Never take action for lustful pleasure

8. Never do sex

Minimum follow this strict brahmacharya rules for 365 days 

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