Best Asanas for Enlarged Spleen

 Asanas and poses increases the flexibility of body. Same asanas decreases body weight. enlarged spleen's weight also increases from 200 gram to 2 kg. When you will do, your spleen size and weight both will decrease. 

 It is helpful to reduce the enlarged spleen if correct asan and pose uses for daily routine in morning and evening at the time of sunshine and sunset.

Following are the best Asanas for enlarged spleen healing.

1. Noka Asan

Make Ship with your foot and hand. This is noka asan. It will help to heal your enlarged spleen. 

2. Sarvang Asan

On the back, you sleep and up your leg as you can go  and now support your back with your hand and keep it for 1 minute. 

3. Hal Asan

Make the pose like hal. It is indian tool for digging the earth for agriculture. It is strong and this pose make you strong. 

4. Bhujang Asan

Like snake attack pose, you have to make your pose. 

5. paschimottanasana

Touch your nose to your knees and live for 1 minute. 

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