100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 20


96th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Avoiding the greed of the mind

When a person follows brahmacharya, one of its benefits is that it ends the greed of the mind forever, because in brahmacharya we always meditate on Brahma. And when we meditate, we remember that the Supreme Soul has given everything. There is no lack in our life. 

1. It is only producing food for 24 hours to eat, go to any field, God is producing grain, go to any garden, God is producing fruits for us, God does not ask for its value from us.

2. God Gives sunlight everyday.

3.  God is giving cool air. For more cool air like ac, god has made trees. 

4. He also created the night to sleep and made the mother earth for our sleep. 

5. God has given us foot to walk

6. If you are thirsty, God has given water to drink

7. In order to increase the strength and intellect in the body, that God has also produced semen.

8. God is also producing cotton for clothes

9. God has given the Hands to work as if I am writing this with my hands, but this hand has been given by God.

10. God Gave eyes to see, ears to hear, mind and intellect to think

I will just write here, my life will end, but the free gifts which is given by God will not end, when a person comes to know about these things, then he stops thinking that I am lacking anything.

When you do not feel the lack of something, then even greed cannot come in your mind. Even the thought of robbing someone by cheating cannot come in the mind. Greedy will be the one who will have the greed to fulfill his lust and for that he will collect money by resorting to deceit, deceit and deceit. When there is no place of lust in the mind,  then greed cannot remain there. On the contrary, he will think that God has given me more, so distribute it to those who need it.

97th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Being grateful for the blessings given by God

By being grateful, a person will become always happy and his tension will remove fastly. By following celibacy, we get this good quality of being grateful because when a celibate comes to know that God is giving infinite things to him without any cost, then his heart desires that he should become the head of that God and Thank you a million times. He starts giving thanks to God everyday. He gives thanks to God lakhs of times in the morning and in the afternoon and at night. In this way, his whole life is spent in being devoted and this gives him an ocean of happiness, pearls of happiness which is priceless

Lust makes us selfish. In this, we become such a shopkeeper who is 420

Suppose we trust him and give him 2000 rupees even before we buy the goods. It took us 1 hour to search our products needed. Later, he starts asking us again for 2000 and does not accept that we have given him money.

How would you feel that shopkeeper, a fraud, a characterless person who does not accept the favor of your faith.

Isn't it true that God has done infinite favors on us, he does not even believe and thanks to him, he does not even calm down for a few moments, but with a disturbed mind, he always desires more and suffers the pain of sorrow.

So let's start observing the fast of brahmacharya from today itself in order to be thankful to God by remembering the blessings of God.

98th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Having the power to count the blessings given by God

God is giving us big boons every day, but our attention is devoted to the fulfillment of the lust and they are not visible to us, but those who follow brahmacharya starts seeing this boon and they count them everyday. Keeping the boons with him, he increases his power.

God also starts giving more and more boons to those who always do Tapasya of brahmacharya. In this penance, the brahmachari always sings the qualities of God and praises his qualities, God makes him the king of kings.

99th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Elimination of the craving of the mind

By following brahmacharya, all your cravings vanish. Trishna means longing. When you try to quench your thirst with worldly desires, it does not decrease and but always increases.

You started destroying the semen once for the fulfillment of your lust, then again and again the mind will go towards the same lust because it is the fire of lust and the more you try to quench it with the oil of your semen, the fire will increase. It should be quenched with the water of meditation, this is such a water that never ends, even if you name it a million times, yes, but with this water your thirst for the cravings of the objects of your mind will be quenched.

1. Being hungry does not satisfy the craving for this lust because then the craving for food will arise.

2. Nowadays people run to the Hakims to get some herb so that the power comes to fulfill their lust, but this lust is in the form of cravings, in whose longing man becomes hungry but this lust does not go away, all herbs fail. It is, only celibacy is the herb to eradicate this craving, in which we remember God at all times.

3. In the fulfillment of these desires, the money in the form of semen gets exhausted and after that we are fascinated because the weak do not make any effort and cannot earn money, but when you remember that God, there will always be semen and effort in you. By which you will not have to be infatuated with anyone.

100th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Getting the benefit of praying to God

In brahmacharya, the time is passed in the prayer of God by removing the mind from the objects.

O Supreme Father, the creator of all things, like you taught the lion and the eagle to hunt for your goal, in the same way, teach me to achieve the goal of brahmacharya

You are the ocean of love and take out all the lust from my life and fill my life with love

By praying like this, you will get the benefits of praying to the God.

1. By praying, we get protection from the attack of lust.

God will protect you at the same time by killing these demons of lust, anger and greed.

2. All your negative thoughts get destroyed by the prayer of God.

3. In the prayer of God, we remember the blessings of God and the number of happiness increases in our life

4. It is to bow humbly before God and this fills our life with humility.

5. God is the only absolute truth and by his prayer, we also become a form of truth by connecting with that truth.

6. God is the great power of this world and by connecting with that power by his prayer, we also become a form of power.

7. I have experienced that when we sit down, giving up all hope, with both our hands resting, then help comes from somewhere. This is the miracle of prayer

The benefits of brahmacharya are infinite because in this only, We only remember God. We sing the qualities of God. We thank to God for his blessings to us.  So, The benefits of remembering God are also infinite, no one can count them, but still, if there is a crisis in your life, then remember these 100 benefits so that you can save your precious semen, and divert your attention from lust. You will be able to meditate on the divine and get the knowledge of God by reading good and religious books and make your life successful. Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti Om

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