100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 15

 The 71st Benefit of Brahmacharya: The Center of All Powers of the World

Brahmacharya is the center of all kinds of powers, we have discussed many powers in the previous section. But wherever there is any power, it also has its center, in this human body, brahmacharya is its center, because when you come to know the center of the powers, then you can easily get the power.


1. Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Ghori 16 times in the war because he knew the center of his power which was his strict following of brahmacharya. For the 17th time, he forgot his center and destroyed his semen before the war by having sex with his wife at night. This center of power has ended from here because when the semen is destroyed then the intellect is destroyed and he started to understand in the ego (Blind belief )  that Prithviraj Chauhan, who can defeat Mohammad Ghori 16 times, will defeat this time also but power has moved away from his center when the power is removed from the center, it goes to someone else's center

Mohammad Ghori was defeated 16 times but what had he promised himself that either he would die or he will win, it is said that where there is strength in thoughts, there is semen, so Mohammed Ghori had semen which strengthened his thoughts. put in doing,

What happened if I lost 16 times, I did not give up with my soul, I will prove by fighting for the 17th time that I was not defeated, so this is what happened when Mohammed Ghori won and Prithviraj lost

But Mohammad Ghori knew, now I knew him. so, I can not fight for the 18th time, so he killed Prithviraj's eyes with hot iron bars.

But brahmacharya is a part of the soul, Prithviraj came to know the weakness of his mind from inside, that was the destruction of semen and his ego before the war, now realizing the mistake, he started the following brahmacharya from inside and the power came inside him. His friend arranged a competition and also took the consent of Mohammad Ghori

In this competition, Prithviraj will shoot arrows at the target by listening voice of the target. His friend explained to Prithviraj in his own language that Mohamed Ghori is standing on this exact distance of target whose voice, you are listening, Prithviraj shot arrows on Mohammed Ghori with the power of brahmacharya and succeeded to kill t Mohamed Ghori. 

 2. Suppose someone dies and his body is burnt, then we will not call his body a body because it is ashes, the mind will also dead but a soul Who separated the body from someone, there is some power, it means God, God is the center of all power.

And brahmacharya means now follow the path of god

3. Just like a person is rioting in the street, he does not complain about it to the police post, but to the outside watchman who does the work of cutting grass, who is not the center of power, so he will not even get the power, he Will have to meet the police and write a report, this is the right way, in the same way, if you have to bring power in your life, then give up lust, anger and greed and meditate on God.

4. Even if a company has one lakh branches, it still has a head office, it has a board of directors, its shareholders are there, the power is concentrated with the board of directors and shareholders, similarly, the center of all powers is the worship of celibacy. |

The 72nd benefit of brahmacharya: Taking the right action from the senses of the body

Those who follow brahmacharya, they do their right work with the senses of the body, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has not only given it for sense objects but for their real work.

 Urinary sense: Urinary sense helps to urinate so that the dirt of our body goes out of the body, if you do not take this work and take the work of the lust which does not belong to it (except for reproduction only) then this sense will be spoiled and it will not be able to do its real work well.

Taste sense: Its function is to do the main speaking function, we get a natural taste by eating all kinds of natural food, but if we eat unnatural things after the craving of taste, then there are blisters in the mouth and food pipe and pus in the teeth. is filled, then we cannot even speak due to ill-health

That's why in Brahmacharya we talk about the control of each of the senses so that they do the natural work of the senses and we stay away from the objects so that the natural work of the senses which is necessary for life does not get disturbed.

Eyes: God did not give eyes for the enjoyment of objects, it was given because when you walk, you come to a pit, then you escape after seeing it, but blind people have to fall in such a pit only, that's why their mind It happens somewhere else and despite having eyes, it is not visible and many people fall in the pit.

Ear: God has given ear to listen to good thoughts so that we get inspired and achieve our goal, if used to listen in such a subject, which will destroy the semen, after that the hearing power of the ear also becomes weak. no doubt in it. 

For example, if you are not in the house, turn off the fan button, if you do not, then the electricity bill will increase and this increases your expenses.

Similarly, lust eats your energy and by this your senses like eyes, ears, nose, skin, hands, feet, senses will become weak and you will get tired after giving money to the doctor, but diseases will not leave you. and your bill will only increase, the expenditure will only increase, and health will not increase. Is it not wise to turn off the fan? Is it not wise to sing hymns of God by taking dispassion of the mind from the pleasures?

73rd Benefit of Brahmacharya: To be blessed by all the powers of the mother

The advantage of celibacy is that we start seeing in every woman the mother of the world who came with our birth to take care of us. By this, we get the blessings of the mother.

We know how holy and spiritual the word mother is because the mother is the idol of sacrifice, sacrifice, motherhood and dedication in our life, can we get rid of mother's debt, no, it can never happen.

God is also our mother who gave us mother earth to sleep

God is also our mother who gave us infinite food to eat

God is also our mother who protects us all the time

God is also our mother who gives air to breathe at all times

The same power is manifesting in every woman which we call mother. That's why mother has been considered as the form of all power, when we start worshiping the mother of the world in every woman, then we get blessings of that mother in the form of power. Does a mother keep anything with her, she gives up her body, mind, wealth to her children

The sacrifice and sacrifice that a mother can make for her child, that no person in the world can do.

A son can be a demon, but not a mother.

If you want to get the blessings of the mother in the form of power, then start practicing brahmacharya from today.

And to follow this celibacy is not a difficult task when anyone meets a woman, say in the mind that this is my mother and I am her son, see how holy thoughts will start coming in your mind at the same time, celibacy will become stable.

This world is motherly, then where is the place for ill-will? Then what is the difficulty in following brahmacharya?

Shri Ram Krishna Paramhansa

Mother has seriousness like the sea

Mother has patience like Himalaya

Mother has love and affection like the ocean

This seriousness like the sea, this patience like the Himalayas, this love like the ocean, can you get it in a momentary lust?

This seriousness like the sea, this patience like the Himalayas, this love like the ocean can only be achieved by the blessings of the mother when we will please the mother with the service of brahmacharya.

The 74th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Reincarnation

The person who follows brahmacharya will be reborn, he borns an animal, but he is not called a human being, who has all the good qualities of humanity, we call him human. Such as kindness, love, generosity, charity, fearlessness, hard work, perseverance,  courage, wisdom, prudence, stability, forgiveness, patience, truthfulness. All these human qualities come from the observance of brahmacharya, if this quality is not there, then the person remains an animal even after taking birth.

And the guru holds him in the womb of his knowledge for his rebirth until Vasu, Rudra and Aditya become brahmachari.

Kuber's treasure to Vasu

power to Rudra

And Aditya is also called Sun.

For 24 years, after receiving knowledge from the guru, Vasu became a brahmachari.

For 36 years, the student should get knowledge from the Guru, become Rudra Brahmachari.

By attaining knowledge from a guru for 48 years, Aditya became a brahmachari.

Parents give birth to the body, but the guru gives birth to student with his knowledge. 

The 75th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Succeeding in the world's most difficult penance

The ancient sages used to live in the forests, where they used to make huts of grass. Then they close the door of that hut and then closing their eyes, they used to remember God until God appeared there.

The name of this is brahmacharya, that one should remember him at all times, but regarding the world, the biggest challenge for your mind, brahmacharya is the most difficult austerity, one who does it, he is entitled to the fruits of this penance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

But you will say it is impossible to do, the word impossible is in the dictionary of fools.

It is definitely difficult as one can learn to walk on a rope, like a nut who performs tricks walks on the rope without fear of falling.

It is difficult like walking on the edge of a sword, but with practice, it is also possible.

You have the great power of the world, that is the power of determination.

Take today's vow I will follow brahmacharya

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