100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 14

66th benefit of Brahmacharya: increasing enthusiasm

To do any work, there should be enthusiasm in your heart regarding that work, when the heart becomes strong then you will be excited to do every work. Only the semen can make a man's heart strong, where the semenless person is discouraged, Viryavan does the work.

The second important thing is that that work should motivate you, which will inspire you and you should complete it with full effort. Enthusiasm is a moving power, now without telling you, can this power be generated from your semen power? Can a tired man after the loss of semen do any work with enthusiasm? Not at all, for this enthusiasm, it is very necessary for you to become a brahmachari.

You can tell me that your condition is very bad, you are short of money, so how can you be enthusiastic in your work, then I would say that you are saying this because you have never collected money in the form of semen.

Suppose you are 30 years old and after every 40 days your semen is produced 10 grams

And 90 grams made in a year and after 16 years semen becomes like this you are made

1260 grams, which went to the brain, which went to the heart, which would have been consumed in the body, but you expelled it from your genital senses

This power of the mind, this power of the heart, this semen expended in the body keeps you enthusiastic in every situation.

This semen is the life of God, it never dies as long as it is in your body and creates the zeal to do every work in you. 

After eating food, this semen does not ask any other price for you, it reminds you that your goal is to become great in life, you have awakened the pride of the sages, so also your enthusiasm and enthusiasm. 

Still nothing spoiled, first you protect the semen with enthusiasm, first, try your best every day with enthusiasm.

If no bad thought can remove this elixir of your semen from your body, then this enthusiasm of yours will increase 1000 times to achieve your goal.

You have to plant a dream in your mind from today that I will become the most powerful person in the world, the most intelligent person, the richest person with the power of celibacy and go ahead with full enthusiasm in this direction, then see how you get success. You have to water it with this enthusiasm, work with this enthusiasm for only 10 years, then see how much this enthusiasm of yours increases further.

67th benefit of Brahmacharya: becoming a deity

God is one who gives

Sun is the deity who gives light and heat

the moon is the deity who gives coolness

Water is the deity who quenches thirst

Earth is the deity who produces food

In the same way, the qualities of a deity come in him who observes brahmacharya. He can helps to protect the weak with his strength and removes the darkness of ignorance with his knowledge, he also teaches others to have good conduct and plays the role of a deity in making people strong, making them a van of knowledge.

The one who does not become, he looks at the mother and sister of others with filthy eyes because he has destroyed his semen by doing misdeeds and his craving is not quenched and he becomes a violent animal to deal with his lust.  So tell me how will you fight this demon. When you are semenless If you have strength, then you can bring him on the right path by showing your strength.

That is why in our Gurukuls, this Brahmacharya was first taught to brahmacharyas.

68th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Increase the Imagination Power

By the power to imagine of God, we mean the power to create our minds. What a great imagination of God for making our all minds which can think and visualize the imagination. Seeing the creation of God, if there is a mountain, somewhere there are lakes, somewhere there is a river, somewhere there is a pond, if there is a flower, then there are thorns with it. All this is only the imagination power of God, which we get to see in nature.

One who followed brahmacharya and increased this power became a great writer, became a great poet, whether it is Kalidas or Surdas, great artists are all made by the greatness of brahmacharya.

If you also have a great dream in your mind, then it first arises in the form of an idea or idea on which you have to concentrate, now you have to connect your wire with God, who will fulfill this dream and make it a reality. 

One of the great benefits of imagination is that the brain starts connecting new neural strings to the mind that weren't already connected which can be a shortcut to your success.

For example, you have 3 ways to get success in life.

If you will focus on your imagination power and not focus on sex ideas for a long time, you can get 7 new creative ideas in your imagination which can take you to the point of success very fast.

learn something new every day from Brahmacharya

With Brahmacharya, you learn new things every day. For example, I am learning new things to write the 14th part of it which is just an adventure for me and I didn't write before and it has connected new neural strings of my brain with the imagination power of my mind

 And it will happen to you as you focus on new learning.

challenge yourself to the vow of Brahmacharya

Even if you are not following brahmacharya, challenge you to observe brahmacharya for the next 100 days and not to have a single sexual thought in your mind. It will definitely take your creative power and imagination to take up this challenge as you are already accustomed to it. As soon as you concentrate, your new brain wire will connect with your mind's imagination and you will achieve this challenge.

The 69th Benefit of Brahmacharya: The power to learn from your failure

Brahmacharya gives us the power to learn from our failures. Because those who do not follow brahmacharya, they fail once and lose courage, but those who follow brahmacharya always remain a student and strengthen their mind that I have to learn from my every failure.

Chanakya was a great brahmachari, when Chanakya had acted for the first time, he could not win and he had to save his life by hiding, but he heard from a mother who is making understand her child that whenever Khichdi is eaten if you will put your hands in the middle. So the hand will rot, instead of eating at the center first, eat nearby, then the heat of the center will end. Chanakya took a lot of knowledge from this that why he got failure, after that instead of attacking the center first, he defeated the center by weakening it from all sides. All this is possible only because of the intellect that comes from brahmacharya.

Only a brahmachari learns this by introspection.

1. Failure helps us to redirect our energy so that there is a better way to achieve this goal faster.

2. Failure is a good teacher who teaches us great lessons which we cannot learn any other way.

3. Failure says I have come to you because I am teaching you why you failed. Understand your mistake and stop this mistake you repeat and you are losing your profit.

4. Failure gives a rich experience which we can't get anywhere

The 70th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Convert thoughts of lust into thoughts of love

Brahmacharya teaches us.

Love is power. Lust is weakness. This is true because when we start loving we start caring. You love your cow or dog. You will start taking care of them. You will start feeding them every day. You have love and you feel satisfaction from it which you cannot get from lust.

You will become selfish by lust because you are earning for the fulfillment of your lust, you will work less and ask for more. You will dislike your work because you have always been addicted to your lust. This will make you hate your work and it will reduce your performance.

  But if you love your work. You do more than getting paid. This will improve the quality of your work. This will increase your efficiency. This will increase your volume and work gives you a great reward that is happiness which never comes from lust.

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