Solution of Your Summer Health Problems

 Your Health Problems 

1. Dinner time I feel a little hungry just fruit is not Enough. then I am not able to sleep on hungry stomach

2. I am doing half hour yog w prenatal and walking 2.5 km x 2 times.

3. not able to increase more than  5 kms

4. Can I drink aloe Vera juice

5. I am feeling very dry in mouth and thirsty all the time.

My Answers 

You have Asked 5 Questions. I try to answer. 

1. This is normal everyone can not feel satisfied from fruits. Need to consume some holy name of God. 

Listen God bajan. Appreciate God unlimited creations for your happiness. God has made hand to write me the whatsapp. God has made the thinking what is your problem. Is not time to appreciate and fulfill your hunger.

2. Good. Also during the the time thanks God who made your leg and ability to walk

3. I thik, there are other desire which distruct this focus. Remove other desire, you will get success to increase to walk more than 5 Kms. Moreover, forget you are walking. See the nature of God and thanks

4. Yes, drink but not habit. it is medicine, it is not food.

5. If you are dry in the mouth and thirsty. It is normal in the summer. 

Use cool things 

1. Use Gond katira

2. Use thandai

3. Use water cooler

4. Bath 3 to 4 Times

5. Avoid to wondering in the summer outside in Sun

6. Drink Gulab grind and water drink

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