How to Heal Infection between the Wisdom tooth and Molar Naturally

Question by Patient 

I have a query . 

Yesterday I visited a dentist for filling of my tooth it was wisdom tooth on my lower jaw.

She did full mouth xray, and showed me I had started getting an infection on my upper jaw wisdom tooth. Tooth was not having any cavity , but infection was in  between the wisdom tooth and molar.

And it was travelling towards the root of wisdom tooth.

Also she mentioned if I did not get that upper tooth removed it will break on its own

I am keeping my teeth really clean , morning and evening and using dant Kanti manjan also .

I am also doing yoga for 45 mins, Everyday .

Answer by Me

Dear infection between the Wisdom tooth and Molar Naturally if you will follow this simple rules

1. Stop all type of dant manjan, use neem datun and drink its juice. It will remove your infection. Neem has great property.

2. Never take its stress. Avoid oily, salty and sugar food totaly.

3. Eat more and more fruits and eat salads

4. Sleep properly and never take tension of infection, it will ok if you will not take tension

5. Follow brahmacharya. It will helps to vital energy which heal your infection

6. Follow this video also 

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