Naturopathy Treatment of Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

 It is also called immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In this, you see the red rush on the skin. It is sign the platelets are less and unable to stop bleeding inside and outside on skin.  It is disorder of immune system.

Following are physical effect if you are the patient of ITP.

Before its naturopathy Treatment, learn about platelets

Platelets are blood cells like red blood cells and white blood cells. Human did not invented all these blood cells but nature has given unlimited. 

Main aim of platelets is to blood clot and inside and outside injury and wound covers fastly. For example, you have faced accident and you got injury and bleeding. Thanks god who made the platelet for fast slow this bleeding. Normal body has 1.5 to 4 lack platelets. Less platelet are also harmful for body because this is security guard to stop bleeding inside and outside and lack of this, risk of bleeding will more. More than normal platelets are also not good, it increases more blood clot and disturb blood circulation.

Steps of Naturopathy Treatment of  Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

1. Stop All Animal Food like meat, eggs and non veg and jursy cow milk and milk food

All are the responsible for disorder our body's own defense system that is called immune system. This is not our food. Due to this, our body immune system starts work like a fool person and attack on its supporting system that is platelets. When you will stop all these things, your platelets will boost.

2. Stop All Unnatural packet and factory food

It is just toxin to immune system. So, stop it.

3. First Day live only on three Varity of Fruits 

In this, you can eat mosami, coconut or orange. Or take its juice

4. Drink Gloye + Papita + Tulsi  Juice

It increase platelets and also correct immune system disorder.

5. Next 6 days, eat only boil veg and daliy one time and two times only fruits

6. Never eat any medicine. All are side effects

Stop medicine because immune system reactive after medicine

Like a dog

If attack with stone

It attack

If give milk

It be peaceful and Love ❤️ you

It will easily cover in 7 days. Never forget to yog, asan, pranvayam, meditation and walking long daily.

7. If he is facing difficulty to healthy life style in beginning due to weak the mind.

Following video will be helpful for you

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