Are there any ways to cure heart blockage without bypass surgery using only natural home remedies?

 Yes, there is natural way to cure heart blockage without bypass surgery. For this, I diagnosed and found, heart blockage due to his high Bp and it was happened due to becoming victim of his brothers cheating and possession his share in his expired father’s 10 crore property.

Due to this, he faced big stress and he damaged his heart with his hate and revenge thoughts and failure control his anger and Bp.

When he connected with me, I gave 3 big rules.

Cheating was due to his mistakes.

So, he accepted his mistake in my first rule.

Second, I got his promise to forgive cheaters for 5 years.

Third, Trust in God that he is big judge of the world, only he will do his justice.

By following these rules his natural self healing process works and Bp normal and blockage opened without surgery.

Watch more details at following video

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