How dog decreases your stress level

If you have dog in your home or street, it will decreases your stress if you spend few minutes with him 

Now in this content, we will tell you how dog decreases your stress.

1. Unconditional love ❤️

You are stressful because you didn't get unconditional love from your relationship, dog's love is unconditional. It doesn't demand the share of your property, it doesn't demand you feed daily but he touch you with love and you will surely give him feed daily. His love is totally selfless your support and care and this will win your 💜 and you forget your stress with his unconditional love.

2. All time  Your free security guard 🧑‍✈️🐕‍🦺

Your dog is your security guard. He can die if other will attack on you but he will safe you. History is its proof. He did not receive 5 digit salary for his duty of security guard. That is reason, you feel safe with your dog. But it is your also duty to feed daily to him.

3. Dogs' Kids are Substitute of Your own kids 👪🐕🐶

There are many times in which you feel you should have kids but

A) unable to produce kids due to defect in your or your partner reproduction system
B) unmarried
C) devorced and kids with other partner
D) kids are young and shifted from your home and living you alone

And lady dog gives 6 in every year  for god gift to you. 

You feel fulfill your lack in your life which was the main reason of your stress  and now you will happy. They only 1 kgs milk for their daily food need for removing your stress

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