Treatment of Breast Cancer without Chemotherapy - By. Dr. Vinod Kumar


 Best treatment of breast cancer is natural treatment without chemotherapy and surgery because there are lots big health problems after using this. So, best way, I have explain in this video. Following are its 

simple Steps 

 1. Stop to Use Chemotherapy

It is very necessary to stop to use chemotherapy or if not started, never start it because it has big side effects

i)  Chemotherapy kills healthy blood cells

Tell me you will kill your army if any enemy did not killed by our army. Why are you killing your healthy blood cells when you can kill breast cancer cells with following of natural rules and regulations which I will mention below.

ii ) Chemotherapy cause to decrease your body's blood

iii) Chemotherapy will decrease your immune system

 2. Stop to Use unnatural food like non-veg., eggs and processed and packed food.

All unnatural food non veg, eggs and process and packed food increases toxin in the body and our liver will unable to remove this and it will become fatty and lack of good supply of blood, breast develops cancer cells. 

 3. Stop to think negative 

When you think negative, you make the negative emotions and negative emotions makes the negative harmons in the brain and negative harmones releases in the whole body and same is the reason of developing breast cancer. 

Important : I have explained in detail how can you stop your all negative emotions and negative thinking with my ebook "How to overcome Negative Emotions" Buy it now from my online store

4. Start 10-20 kms walking daily and 15 minutes yog daily

With walking 

1. Blood circulation will increase which kills the cancer cells
2. oxygen will reach fast in breast and kills breast cancer cells only
3. body immune system will boost and kills breast cancer itself. 

5. Start to eat natural and organic food 

With eating natural and organic food

1. Body removes all toxins
2. There will not any collection of new toxin

6. Start to use natural medicine like turmeric, gloye, alovera and adrak

Daily use of turmeric, gloye, alovera and adrak will helps

1. Kills breast cancer cells slowly.
2. Increase your immune system. 

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