How to Cure Baldness Naturally

If there hairs on your head, it gives you great beauty. You can feel yourself as the king of world or queen of the world. You can buy artificial from market but you have to do work hard to regrow and treat your baldness. We know its simple natural process. 

Following are its main steps :

1. Overcome Your Stress 

You know that food is very important for your body. Food gives you the energy. This energy is gotten from nutrition. But same nutrition's all energy wastes in fighting of useless stress. With lack of same energy, your baldness starts. So, first overcome your stress with following simple steps

1. Positive Thinking

In positive thinking, you can say

I am the best.
I can do this
God is with me
Today is my day

You can say also

I will live today life today.
I will accept what will worst today
I will solve the problem by finding its roots of causes

2. Good Exercises and Yog

In exercises, 

you can walk for 5 kms in a day
You can do pushups
You can do pull ups
You can do dips
You can use cycle

In asanas, you can do 

Shish asanas
Sarvang asanas
Hal asanas
Chakar asans
Danur asans

All asanas removes constipation which is the main cause of baldness. 

Daily doing of pranavayam is very important for you. 

We have made the ebook "How to overcome your negative emotions" Download it, it will help to remove your negative thinking and bring positive thinking in you which helps to regrow your hairs. 

3. Meditation

Meditation is also great for overcome your all stress. It increases your focus in current time. It helps to remove your past and future overthinking

Just Close your eyes for 15 Minutes and Only focus on your breath

If past and future thought comes which waste your energy, just start. No thoughts please

2. Good Sleep 

Minimum 8 Hrs Good sleep is very necessary for regrow your hairs fastly. Because with regular good sleeping without getting up, blood circulation in your brain will fast and it remove your all baldness problem fastly. 

3. Massage

Use coconut oil, alovera and lemon juice for massage. It gives the power to the roots of your hairs. With this potential of regrowing hairs will increase and baldness will remove. 

4. Stop Use of Using Shampu and Eggs in Hairs, Hair Colors and Medicines and Eating of Non-Veg. and Eggs

Many people do not know using of shampu and eggs in hairs very harmful. Non veg, eggs and medicine eating is also harmful. All imbalance your hamones  fatty your liver. Fatty liver does not make new blood and in ability to remove the toxin from blood. Toxin blood does not give energy to the roots of hairs  and baldness is its result. So, stop it and balance your harmones and normal your liver. 

Now question is what should you eat for curing your baldness naturally

1. Fruits
2. Desi Cow milk fresh
3. Green Veg.

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