Are there ways to cure or reduce varicocele at home?

 Yes, there are lots of natural ways, with this, varicocele enlarge veins will reduce and it will heal totally. But needs patience and focus on all positive actions.

  1. In this, you have to get up early in the morning and clean your stomach daily.

2. You have to stop all unnatural foods like packet food and process food.

3. You have to drink desi cow milk fresh. For this, you have to become gau palak. Because desi cow fresh milk will remove your all body’s toxin.

4. You have to drink more fruit juice, and eat more fresh fruits and green vegetables.

5. You have to stop white salt, white sugar and white floor. All are slow poison

I have explained all in following video

I gave its practical. Watch and learn


6. You have to do the sarvang asan, hal asan, noka asan, shish asan, padma asan, chakar asan and setu band sarvang asan daily.

7. You must follow brahmcharya

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