Naturopathy Treatment of Syphilis

  One of my patient is interested naturopathy treatment of Syphilis. So, for all, here I am giving the naturopathy treatment of Syphills.

Before treatment of Syphilis, Syphilis is a small sore or red place on mouth, genital or rectum. As per naturopathy, it is the result of toxin in the body and it will spread if there will be fearful thoughts in mind because mind toxin increases body toxin because mind has ability to order to your brain and brain issues negative harmons and it increases the problem instead healing fast. 

Simple Steps : 

 First Step : Toxin Free the Body

You have to Eat Fruits and Green Veg and Salad Daily

Make your good habit to eat daily fresh fruits, green veg and salads. It will help your all infection and inflammation in the body and kill it and you will free from syphilis fastly. 

Second Step : Control Your Blood Sugar

You see, ants can come if there is sugar on the earth. Same is on the body, all bacteria and virus will come, if they get food from this body. 

You can control your blood sugar very easily

Stop sugar food like sweets and confectionery food

Stop all artificialy sugar

Stop Rice and Wheat for 30 days and use millets like kangni, pear millets for 30 days

Third Step : Never Bring Anxiety in Mind

Never give the fearful food to your mind. Never think like this

I am syphilis patient, after healing, its will go to my kid and they will also facing this badly. Natural healing means full healing if you will follow above and this rule, you never think about future. 

Tell me how you and me predict future. We can only control our present and make it full of happiness. If you will today happy, there is good chance, you will happy tomorrow and your whole family will be happy. Think always positive. 

Fourth Step : Never Drink Alcohol and Smoke

Both are toxin and increase your syphilis problem. Stop both addiction

Fifth Step : Take Daily Sun Bath

Sun has great gift of God and it has power to kill your all toxin in your body. Sun has also energy to kill all your bad bacteria. So, daily 1 hr take sun bath. It will heal your syphilis fastly. 

Sixth Step : Fire All Test Report

All test report increases negativity in your mind. It shows the disease name but it does not shows why happen. So, fire it and never believe on the test reports. 

Seventh Step : Stop to Eat Packed Food

Never eat any factory made packed food. It will increase your problem.

Eight Step : Do daily Morning and Evening Exercise

Go to park daily morning and evening and do daily exercise. It will heal your syphilis fast because exercises helps to carry oxygen fastly to problem area to solve the problem. 

Ninth Step  : Use Haldi + Sarso Ka Tel as Best Healing Natural Medicine

Haldi and sarso ka tel is great healing medicine. Paste on it. It will heal fast. Except this, eat neem, tulsi, gloye, pipal and beal tree leaves daily 5 to 10 or drink its kara

Tenth Step : Follow Brahmcharya

Brahmcharya Increases our immune system. Sacrifice all 8 types mathun and focus your mind on knowledge gaining.

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